Analyzing the Locks on Your Home

Security at home has to be a high priority for owners since the valuables inside that place and, mostly, for the people making a living under your roof. 

In that case, the good performance of locks all over home is a must and they require an occasional checking to verify their conditions and the level of damage presented if there is any.

Since the main idea of locks is providing protection to you residence, it is essential to have good locks installed around the place. Your family members or all valuables should be preserved from any possible force entrance, so it is important to conduct a thorough check all the door, windows and gates all over the house. 

One of the first steps to be done is verifying the deadlocks installed in every door of your place, especially those that allow access to the inside of the house. In this category all front and patio door access locks should be checked with care. One of the major troubles with these devices is the improper placement of them in the holes done for that purpose. Most of the times, this hole is not drilled deep enough impeding the bolt of the lock a full position placement and, thus, an inefficient performance due to this. If the bolt cannot extend completely, the effectiveness it would provide is worthless and security is not offered properly.  

Also, windows locks have to be checked as well. If windows slide while open or can be opened from the outside, the windows locks have to be changed immediately. Usually, windows locks are just latches holding the windows together, but they do not truly close them securely. To avoid any entrance by your house windows, the installing of very safety locks is necessary. 

The same care has to be given to those sliding patio doors. Usually located at the back part of the house, these entrances do not provide any safety and are easily to be forced by any burglar. The mechanism originally provided by these doors does not differ much from those attached to windows. Replacing that device or adding another one – such as deadbolt or a simple door pin – would provide the needed security and avoiding any break-in from an undesired guest.

Furthermore, the existence of a backyard gate gives another point of checking in all locks at home. At the moment of buying the house, whether new or used, the gate came with a certain type of lock which has to be checked carefully to assure that it provides the amount of security needed for your place. To minimize any risk of a burglary, it is necessary to install a gate lock that can be close or open with the same keys as your home locks, reducing the amounts of keys used to secure you home. Proper lighting of the door would also be required in terms of better safety.

The choosing of a new deadlock would be done taking into account. First, the amount of money willing to be invested would give the amount of security you are looking for. The cheaper the lock is, the lower the safety it would offer. There are several products in the market that would give the amount of safeness required at home. These range from traditional locks to smart ones and provide protection to your main, room or closets doors. These are always the first choice to secure your dwelling, being some easy to install and others requiring a little bit more of dedication to place them, such as the vertical bolt model.

Another factor is the usage of a single key, as we mentioned above, to facilitate the locking and unlocking of your entire house door and avoiding the possibility of losing them. Limiting to one simple key would benefit you in the case of an emergency, since the searching for the appropriate key is no longer a worry issue; the all-door key is a good way to save not only money but time in opening or closing any door.

In case of choosing a smart lock, you would like to go with some keyless models that would provide security for your main entrance or backyard gate. These devices come with a numeric keypad access and it would be used by every member of the family providing a code number specified for each one of them. This device would also provide temporary access to strangers – such as workers or repairmen – and also would register time and people accessing to your house. They are very expensive when compare to traditional locks, but security is enhanced a step further by using them.

Another choice to provide more safety is the use of a mortise lock. They have been utilized for years and have proved reliable and durable. Differed from traditional locks, these devices consist on a solid body including the deadbolt and the lock all in it. This togetherness makes the lock more secure and efficient than traditional devices. Even their resistance and security, if you moved to a house and found any of these locks in a door, replacement should be done at once. The mortise locks are very simple to replace and they do not require any hard work to do such action.

But deadlocks are not the only devices needed to provide security to your home at the moment of revising the locks around it. Extra devices or tools can complement the use of locks in providing more safety to your residence. For example, door holders are one of these options. To keep your door open for a brief or long moment while doing some chores or work around home, these tools are of high assistance. They come in different model such as magnetic ones or the overhead sort, but they are only used momentarily and it is preferably used indoors. On the other hand, door jammers would complement the sense of security longer that a simple traditional lock; coming in several types, they are an additional tool to reinforce the locking of a door whether it is the main or the backyard one.

The increasing numbers of burglaries around big cities, small neighborhoods or suburbs are forcing home owners to choose for better ways to protect their houses and this extra protection has to begin with the checking of all door locks around the place and the necessary repairing or replacement of each one as described in the lines above.

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