10 Inexpensive Ways to Burglar Proof Your Home

10 Inexpensive Ways to Burglar Proof Your Home

People often put into practice different “clever tricks” to keep thieves from their homes, one of them is to leave the lights on at night, although it seems that many of those tricks are not as effective as we think.

At least that’s what those who know the matter well say: the former thieves.

The good news is that there are some things that frighten the thieves or, at least, make you think twice before invading a property.

Keeping your home safe should be one of the priorities of your life, but it can often be very expensive to maintain or install security devices that protect our home. However, there are some devices and tools that we can use in our house to increase the level of security without having to spend a large amount of money.

Pick-Proof Your Dead Bolt

Not all houses are secured with a padlock, some use a quick-pass lock to open or close the doors more quickly, however, it can be something very easy to violate by thieves. To prevent this from happening, you can install a SIMLock. To do this, a special SIMLock screw must be replaced, then turn the lock over it to prevent the bolt from turning. This product works with safety pins that lock the vertical position.

Reinforce the Entrance Door with an Attack Plate

You can install a heavy duty plate with extra-long screws so that the thief has to apply exorbitant force or surrender trying to open the door. These plates can withstand even the heavy blows that could receive. These plates have several years on the market and it is very likely that you already have it installed in your home. You can verify by removing the steel plate, it must be heavy and have screws of at least 3 inches. If you do not have these features, buy a new board and reinstall.

Safe Backyards Doors

Securing patio doors is essential. These can be secured with a high-strength rod placed on the door rails once it closes. Although this system works, it does not turn out very well aesthetically. But, Andersen Corp. developed some locks that hold the door along the bottom and have a bolt that fits into a washer that ensures the safety of the door. These can be installed quickly, in just 10 minutes. You only have to screw the support that contains the pin to the door, make the perforations and insert the eyelets in the guide where the bolt will pass.

Install Cheap Alarms for Doors and Windows

The security of doors and windows is paramount in any home. There are alarms that are not so expensive that they can be installed quickly and easily. These can detect movements and make a lot of noise. Thieves hate alarms, so you can install accounts on doors and windows in your home to activate when they are violated. Connect the alarm to the door or window with a screw or double adhesive tape next to the magnetic stripe. If the magnetic contact breaks when the window or door is opened or broken, it will scream. The alarms last for 2 to 3 years with the same batteries and work in any door or window.

Strengthens Wooden Door of the Garage Entrance

Wooden doors can be weak, especially if they are old; these can be broken with just a hard hit in the center or a kick. Adding more locks will not solve this problem. However, you can add a half-inch plywood reinforcement to the door and reinforce it with bars placed on supports on each side of the door. Cut the plywood so that it occupies the central region of the door and secure it with screws. Then measure the width of the door and consider the space on each side of the door to place the brackets, cut the timbers, install the brackets on each side and place the reinforcement boards when you go to sleep or when you go on a trip.

Buy and Install a Small Safe

You may not have many valuables or objects of extraordinary sizes that may be difficult to hide. But you can buy a small safe for less than $ 100 in which you can hide your most valuable belongings for you. A small safe is easier to hide; you can install it on the wall or on the floor. You can also hide it in a closet or other area that is convenient. The ideal would be to break a wall, install it in the hole and reinforce it with concrete, you can place pictures to hide it in view of others.

Secure Your Spare Keys in a Lockbox

Many people hide their spare keys under a jug or a carpet but this is not very safe because other people may notice and take the key and break into their house. The solution to this is to install a lockbox, it can cost around $ 12 and it is very easy to install. Install the box with 3-inch long screws and keep your password safe.

Know Who Is Behind the Door

You have to be careful when you open the door if you do not expect visitors. To avoid these insecurities, install a peephole that will allow you to see who is behind the door. You must choose the one you are going to install correctly because some could give you more visibility than others. Avoid uncertainty and buy a wide-angle peephole.

Protect Your Mail

Many thieves and other people have a bad habit of stealing mail from others. To prevent these thefts you can install a security mailbox that is blocked with a password after the mail was delivered. You just have to place the password, open your mailbox and get the mail. Just screw it to the wall or install it as you would with a standard mailbox.

Install Motion Detectors In The Vicinity Of the House

Motion detectors are one of the best security systems that can be installed in your home. These are not very expensive and are quite simple to install. The operation of these can be through electrical power and there are also those that work with solar energy, the latter is a bit more expensive. But a standard model can cost only $ 15 and it will continue to perform its work safely and efficiently.

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