Locked Out with a Keyless Entry System? Now What?

Locked Out with a Keyless Entry System? Now What?

Let’s picture the following situation you have just bought a brand new car, after many years of hard work it was the right time to do it. Since you have always been a person who loves technological innovations, you were pretty amazed with a particular car that has a keyless entry system.

You couldn’t believe all the amazing features that such a system offer, like never have to look for a key in your pockets to unlock the car doors; you just only have to reach your hand, grab the handle and that is you are inside your car in a second without those uncomfortable moments of opening a car – especially when you have little kids anxious to get home pretty soon.

Your wife and kid want to know how you open the car without using a key. “Magic?” asked the youngest of your three kids. “No, Robert, technology” you replied. And then you started to explain that the way that system works, showing them the key fob and mentioning the radio frequency emitted by the key fob when a button is pressed, the car received the code sent by the fob and the doors are unlock. And the amazement continues when you start your car with touching the wheel at all. After that explanation and demonstration your kids are more  than surprised, they are almost in shock believing that their father is sort of magician; no words of the explanation came to there at all.

But let’s picture a scenario which is not that amazing and colorful. One day you went out with the youngest of your children to do some errands around. It has been a very hot day and after a while you check the gas tank indicator. Since you have to fill the gas tank, you stopped and put your key fob is your sport bag and leave out the car to the gas pump to get some oil. At the moment you lock the door you can clearly hear the sound of the doors locking, although they have said that while the fob is inside the car, it will never locked. But it is not happening, and then you realized that you are in deep trouble since your two-year-old son is at the back seat trapped in the car with all the windows up. What to do in a situation like this?

Measures to take if your keyless system lock you out

First, as in any emergency situation, do not show any despair. Try to keep calm and transmit that calmness to the person inside the car, in this your very young son. Give him some words of comfort and try to look relax, even though you are ready to scream for help to anybody.


Later, check if your cell phone is in your pocket and reach the car dealer company, they can put you in contact with the company in charge of the key fobs or the car manufacturer. Most likely, they will ask you for your exact location, even though certain car models have a tracking device that can search for the vehicle via satellite. Once you have given the location or the car is satellite located, from a remote distance they can send the unlocking code and you could take your child out of the car and show him how much you care about and how worry you were. Perhaps you will apologize with him in that euphoric moment, but it is better if you just give him a strong hug and felt kiss without saying any words. Just let actions talk for you in that situation.


In the case that it is impossible to reach your car dealer, try to keep a clear mind and think if there is an extra fob at your house. It is advisable that owners of a keyless entry car should have an extra key fob in case of emergencies like the one described in the lines above. Give your spouse a call and wait until she arrived with the second key fob and open the door without any further delay.


Now, let’s paint the picture a little bit darker. You just take a look inside your car and find out that your cell phone is inside the vehicle. Ask your child if there is the possibility for him to roll down any window from the car, although this would be useless when the window rolling system depend on the electricity of the car as most modern cars do. If it is impossible to perform such a simple act, it is time to change the course of action and start looking for help. See if someone can allow you to use a phone to give a call to your house or office wherever you have placed the copy of your key fob. Wait for the necessary time for your spouse or relative to arrive and, after that, take out your child without wasting any more time.


In the supposed situation that you don’t remember your house or spouse’s cellphone number, it is time to look for the possibilities that the surroundings are offering. Ask if there is a locksmith business around and, if the answer is positive, solicit any of the bystanders to go and bring the professional to give that particular situation a solution. If there are not any of those professionals close to the situation, it is time to call 911 and obtain the needed help in such sort of cases.

Extreme Measures

When the scenario turns a little more stressful and there is no possible solution arising as time keeps ticking, the moment of extreme measure has arrived. Pick a rock from nearby and break the window by one of the edges, since windows are stronger in the middle, but weaker at the edges. Look for the window farther from your child and start breaking it. It is certain that an extra and unplanned expense is coming around, but the safety of your child is at stake.

A final word of recommendation, never leave your key fob out of your pocket and don’t place it inside bags or purses, since the signal could be interrupted and the car computer would think that you are away and lock the vehicle. Never leave your child if you are going out of the vehicle, especially if you don’t have the fob with you. And, moreover, get more familiar with the settings of your keyless entry system, there is the chance that the locking of the doors can be set out of the passive lock function and the car won’t lock easily unless you decide so.

But never leave the fob in your car once again.


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