Automotive Locksmith FAQ

Automotive Locksmith FAQ

Automotive safety should be considered equal or even more careful than the safety of homes or buildings. Since they began to implement bolts in the doors of the cars it has been necessary to establish with deep and very careful a security system that guarantees the security of the automotive locks.

With the new technologies, these systems have been renewed more and more and now it is more complicated than before violating the safety of a car. However, doubts and questions about these issues always arise. In this post, we will know the most frequent questions that vehicle users ask about the automotive locksmith.

  • I forgot the car key and now I cannot open it. What I can do?

What should be done in this case is to call a professional car locksmith. Nowadays you can find one of them in locksmith companies, or in case you do not know any of them you can look for the best recommendations and hire the best one.

  • How much can a locksmith charge for opening a car?

The cost of an auto locksmith service will depend on the make, model and year of the car. You also have to take into account the distance between the locksmith and the place where the car is. If the locksmith has a car, he will also charge for traveling to the place where he has to do his job. Prices have a variety of $ 100 to $ 500.

  • Can the car lock be damaged if it is opened by a locksmith?

No, if the door is opened by a professional locksmith, he will use the appropriate tools to open the door considering the type of the car. In this way, the work is totally guaranteed and without damage.

  • How to know if my car uses a key with a chip?

All cars with immobilized system bring an indicator, usually located on the board or tachometer, which has the form of focus and close to it there is a small car-shaped drawing with a padlock or a small red dot. If your car has this indicator, then you will know if the key uses a chip.

  • How to know if my key with a chip of the car has faults?

A fault in the key chip is usually discovered when the indicator on the car’s panel flashes constantly when the switch is activated without starting. These quick flashes indicate that there is a problem with the key.

  • What documents can the automotive locksmith request?

In most cases, if the locksmith is a professional, he or she may ask for identification and documents from the vehicle to verify that the person who called is the owner of the car. It is also on behalf of the client to ask the locksmith to identify himself and show a credential that indicates that he is certified to do automotive locksmith work.

  • How to know that the automotive locksmith is reliable?

To guarantee the reliability of the locksmith it is better to call the locksmiths that have more publicity, in addition, you have the right to demand from the locksmith a voucher or invoice for the services you are offering; sales notes, address, telephone and/or invoices). In other cases, if you were recommended by an automotive locksmith, it is sure to be trusted and you will do the job correctly.

  • How long can a locksmith open a car?

It will always depend on the make and model of the vehicle, but a professional locksmith does not delay more than 20 minutes opening a car.

  • How can I increase the safety of my car’s locks?

To increase the safety of the car it is advisable to replace the common or original locks with a set of anti-theft tubular cylinders. With these cylinders, we will be able to give more difficulty to thieves who want to enter the vehicle. Other ways to increase the safety of the vehicle is installing automatic lock of the locks, repair the remote control and/or use coded keys.

  • Can I install any modern lock in my car?

It depends on the car type and the year. In general, modern locksmith systems are only compatible with certain cars. One of the modern security systems in terms of locksmithing refers are the keyless entry systems. You can only access the car by activating a numeric code, next to the door handle.

  • Are there other cylinder locks for cars?

Yes, for most cars there are safety cylinders that can be installed in any door of the vehicle, this makes it difficult to enter the car by any access door.

  • Which lock is a mechanical or electronic safe?

Like the mechanical locks, the electronic ones have their qualities and defects depending on the brand, the model and the functions for which it is designed, so you must identify the need and then ask the specialist which is the most recommended. Putting for example; If we want to control the entrance to a certain place with a lock that reads the trace of the people, then we could say that their level of security is good because it allows us to identify who, when and at what time a certain person entered, however, possible that lock could not have the right pin or system against an attack against a tool.

  • What are the modern locksmith safety systems for vehicles?

The automotive immobilizer system has been designed with the purpose of avoiding the forced operation of the vehicle in theft attempts (Anti-Theft Auto Immobilizers). This system works with a code that is recorded in the key called Key ID, if the ID code transmitted by the key does not match the pre-recorded in the ICM (Immobilizer Control Module), the ECM (Electronic Control Module) prevents the injection, disabling the motor.

  • Can you copy a car key?

If in case of not having a key available for the copy, it can be carried out deciphering the combination from the door or contact cylinder, then the combination is applied to a virgin key that should be able to open the doors and contact without a problem.

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