What is the “Next Door” APP and Can it Really Prevent Crime?

There are many social networks available to the public in todays’ modern world. The problem is that you have the ability to ‘connect’ with people from any part of the world, and forget those you have close by. As for example the neighbors. In most large cities do not know, and that is something that wants to finish Nextdoor, an application that provides information of people living around the user and puts them in contact. To register you only need to locate the house on the map and the exact address. 

Once registered, the user will have access to all neighbors who live nearby and information about them, such as their names, professions, photos or phone number. Users can send messages in a forum, where they can answer them. In the informative video that shows the Next Door application questions are asked such as “if someone is available to babysit tonight”, or if they know reliable painters or plumbers. 

You can also make recommendations. The main interface also includes the possibility of creating community events, in a similar way to Facebook. Nirav Tolia, the founder of Nextdoor, told The Verge that the platform “strengthens the community, those real-world relationships based on the places that may be going to waste.”

 Next door is an application that has just been launched in Spain focused on the neighbors, in the neighborhood, a social network for people with whom they live around you. Some uses of Nextdoor can be for example to share a car, data on the loss of an object, sell clothes, organize a barbecue or look for people to collaborate with the local garden. 

 It also allows us to know what happens in nearby neighborhoods, organize events, receive alerts, share recommendations and maintain interaction with people who live near yours. The Spanish Nextdoor proposal has been completely adapted and optimized for neighborhoods across the country in a web, iOS and Android devices for free.

However, despite the wonders proposed by the Next Door application, it is not an application that can prevent a theft, since it is not a security system. And knowing that crimes against property have increased considerably in the first half of 2018, so it is always advisable to follow a series of tips to prevent and deal with this type of theft and robbery.

Specifically, it has been warned that this type of abductions “represent the 6% increase in crimes” that have occurred in the first half of this year. From January to June, 231 more complaints were filed for scams than in the same period of the previous year. An increase that responds to the general increase in robberies that have occurred in homes, businesses, shops and other enclosed spaces.

This, in order to deal with this type of crime, during the summer months various surveillance and prevention operations will be launched. Although this new and brilliant application does not prevent theft, you and your neighbors can use it to establish a series of rules in the community to avoid thefts

Therefore, to avoid this type of crime is essential to take a series of precautions that are very simple and can help prevent theft. The first advice is to always close the door with a key. If there are people inside, one option may be to leave the key crossed at the door. It is also important never to open the door of the portal or the house to strangers or transmit distrust. 

Another measure that is key when it comes to preventing theft is to avoid giving the feeling of abandonment of the home, premises or company when for any reason it will be empty for a period of time. In the visible places, it is important not to show valuable objects.

Neighbors can use Next Door to communicate and set up security measures

By the new standard of neighborhood communities: increasingly larger communities, with more neighbors, rented flats, owner rotation etc. It is becoming easier for intruders to access communities and go unnoticed.

This serious security problem not only worries the owners, but also the Property Administrators, who see how the budgets of the Community of Owners are triggered by destruction and repairs in common areas.

The scams – which especially suffer the biggest ones – are also a serious problem of insecurity in the neighboring communities. These criminal events are avoidable in most cases if we consider a series of prevention and deterrence measures.

5 Tips to avoid thefts in my neighborhood community

  • Protect access by the roof: When you think of security for communities of owners, the accesses by the roof are the last spaces in which we think to protect. On the other hand, the roof is one of the most vulnerable points of the neighboring communities, especially of the buildings of the historical center of the cities, where it is relatively easy for intruders to jump from roof to roof.
  • Pay close attention to the brands on the outside of the farm: we have seen in press and television how the thieves mark the houses with small adhesive papers to see if the owners are absent for long periods of time. But not only the doors of the houses are marked, but we can also find signs in the telephones or in the façade of the community, so we must remain attentive to these signs that in many cases pose a risk of real robbery.
  • Place a mailbox for commercial postmen: in this way, we not only get rid of the intrusive advertising that feeds our mailboxes, but we also prevent strangers from accessing the farm.
  • Distrust of strangers: it should be remembered that most thieves access the communities of owners through the portal. In most cases, it is enough to say good morning to a neighbor so that he opens them or enters behind him. In the communities of new and large neighbors, it is impossible to know all the neighbors, so the intruders find it very easy to access by posing as a tenant, for this, we must be especially cautious.
  • Retainers in the door of the portal: in many cases, the thieves are the door of the portal directly open, which means extending a “red carpet” for them to access our community. The installation of retainer door closers will prevent the portal door from being opened, which will increase the security of the property.

And all these tips can be posted on next Door or communicate any inconvenience in the community

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