What Do I Do if I am Locked Out of My Car?

It is a hot day in the afternoon and you are busy doing some errands around; errands such as buying groceries for home, getting some new equipment for your sound system, or simply paying your home service bills. After finishing doing them, you are ready to go home and take a bath to get rid of the annoying heath and relax a little bit. But at the moment you reach your pocket, you find out that you don’t have your keys or remote in them and taking a look you can clearly see that they are right there inside the vehicle.

Although it is not an uncommon situation, at the moment of going through desperation could come and you would feel stress for a while. Whether you have lived that situation before or you have never gone through it, it is good to be prepared to deal with this once again or for the very first time

Tips to follow if you want to get inside your car 

  • Remain calm and see what your options are.
  • It is quite obvious that in a scenario like this, panic will be the first thing you would feel; but that has to be the last thing you do, try to keep you mind relax and, first of all, check if all the doors are totally locked. Before you start screaming for help, verify if any of the doors are not closed completely. Check them twice and even the trunk before you begin to look for assistance.
  • If you have given a spare key of your car to a friend or relative, or you place somewhere at home or at work. Perhaps you are not thinking clear at that moment, so once again try to stay calm and recall if there is a replacement key somewhere around. At the very beginning you would think it is not necessary, but you’ll never know when things like this could happen. Invest some little money in a spare key, it will be rewarded and you will be truly thankful
  • Try to open the car door by yourself.

You consider a do-it-yourself person, so it is time to find out ways to discover ways to unlock the door as the tow service worker does. But first you need to have a series of tools to perform this task. Take a deep research on what instruments are used by experts and try to get them in order to solve that situation. Tools like an inflatable device to wedge the door and a device to exert pressure in the door. Try to keep those tools at home or with a friend or relative, so it would be easy to have them at the moment you need it.  

  • Find out if you have roadside assistance.

Many insurance companies offer as a feature the possibility of roadside assistance when you have a car problem on the road, or locking out of your car. So check carefully your insurance policy to verify if that offer is provided by the company; and, if the answer is positive, give a call to tow service your insurance company works with and if that the opening of the car is included in the services the company is willing to recognized after using it.

Also, car dealers are selling cars that come with warranties and it happens that most of these contracts. Be certain that the car warranty has that service included, so dealing with a car lockout will be easier and you won’t have to spend money of your pocket if the warranty is still effective.

Furthermore, two more options can include the service of road for any car emergency, although they will charge a little extra cash out of their standard services. These options are you cellphone company and your credit card provider. Check if the service is available on any of them and pay the extra money to enjoy this feature.

  • Call a Tow Service

Save some time and effort and go easily with these companies that besides towing your car into a mechanic’s, they can also be a great help at the moment of lock out of your car. Keep a tow truck service phone at hand if the situation comes to happen anytime in the future.

In case of an Extreme Emergency

What should you do if there is no immediate solution? Well, extreme situations require extreme solutions, and there is nothing more extreme than breaking your car door window. It is up to you the criteria that have to be taken at the moment of establishing what is considered as an emergency. Once you have settled those conflictive situations, then you can proceed to take action and try to break your car windows.

It may sound easy but breaking a car window is harder than you think. As a matter of fact, trying to break your car windshield is a difficult job. But the side windows, although tempered, they are not as hard as the windshield; however, it isn’t an easy task to achieve either. Choosing which window should be broken, go with your side one (any of them); it is easier and the best choice to make.

To break you side window, you should do the following:

  • Use something sharp to break, such as a hammer, using the claw end preferable. In the absence of a hammer, a screwdriver would be useful too; apply the right amount of force to the window and it can be broken within few minutes. If there is nothing sharp around, a rock would be handy to break the window.
  • Break the glass near the edge of it, since the center of the window is the strongest point in its all structure. 
  • Tinted glass is the best to break since they are not going to shatter; as a matter of fact, the tint will hold the glass together and allow it to be removed without any further complication. If there are children in the car, look for the window far from them to break it.
  • Look for assistance if you can find any sharp object to break the window. There must be someone around the place that could provide some help about it. If the window is impossible to break call the police for help.

Remember that these have to be done in an extreme emergency case and there is no other option to solve it. But if there are more choices, try to use them before going to take a drastic solution.

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