Top-Rated Bike Locks Choices of 2019

Top-Rated Bike Locks Choices of 2019

Biking is one of those activities that can be done as a hobby, means of transportation or sport and it does many good things at the same to your body, health, and environment. So if you are the proud owner of a bicycle, you are enjoying one of the best devices human beings have created for moments of leisure, sports, and even for businesses; however you are truly concern about the safety of your bike and get the right protective system for your property is something to be done just at the right moment of acquiring it.

The most common way to protect your bicycle for stealing is using a security lock when you are down on the street and have to leave the bike for a considerable amount of time. Normally, bicycle owners carry a chain and padlock to secure their belongings; but as time goes by, companies specialized in manufacturing locks have been offering several options to bicycle owners to provide the kind of tranquility they need by protecting their precious means of transportation or sport tool.

We invite to go through these lines and check several guidance points to buy the right sort of lock for your bike and you can also find some of the most secure and best bike locks to keep your property out of thieves’ hands  

How to Choose the Right Lock

There are several factors that have to be taken into account at the moment of acquiring a bike lock so you can get a little piece of tranquility when you leave at the front door of a friend’s house or you workplace. They fall into three main categories that will determine what sort of lock is the one you need for your bike.

The first factor to be considered is the right level of security, since it is not the same to protect a bike in a big than in a small town. If you are living in a big city, your bike is very flashy, and you are an hour or more away from it, so you are in the High Risk category. The locks you have to buy in this level of security have to provide the sort of reliability you are looking for. On the other hand, if you are located in small town or a village, with a standard bike that people don’t look for too long and you are close to your bike or it is at you sight reach, then you should go and get a lock suitable for Lower Risk situations.

Then, you have to check which lock is strong enough to avoid the attempt of thieves to take your bike away. In this point there are some features that the protective system has to compile with, such as the width and the material is made of; the width of the lock is more applicable to the U-lock or D-locks, but the material can be applied to the other three sort of locks in the market: Chain Locks, Folding Locks, and Cable Locks.

To choose one of the categories mentioned above, you have to take in mind aspects like price, practicality and security. According to our own and some users’ experience you can move around U-Locks, Chain Locks and Folding Locks since they offer a good reasonable balance of the three aspect to be taken into consideration; but the Cable Locks are in the lower category when it is referred to the security it is supposed to provide, although they can be accessible to buy and easy to handle. 

Additionally, there are several classification ranking that can give you a hint of the lock you need. One of the ranking systems comes from websites specialized in bike locks, while the other is provided by the own locks manufacturers; they are sort of useful but can be confusing since they are not complete related and each of them gives the criteria that is not compatible with other companies or bloggers’ opinions. However, there are some independent rankers such as ART from Holland and Sold Secure in the UK.

So, What Are the Top-Rated Bike Locks Choices of 2019?

After checking the points mentioned above, it is the time to give a look at the different types of locks that can be used in order to provide the most desired security to your bicycle; of course taking the characteristics mentioned above in consideration. The following devices have been catalogued by their companies and independent analyzers as the best from this very year.

  • Kryptonite Kryptolok

This typical U-Lock is quite affordable with a mid-level security rank (according to Sold Secure). It has a very practical size and weight, although its width makes it very vulnerable to bolt cutters. It is useful for those owners who are in a Lower Risk environment.

  • Abus Granit X-Plus 450

Some experts mentioned this D-lock as the best all round bike protection device of any type available this year.

Although it has a 13 mm width, it is made of a special type of steel which is as strong as the thicker shackle existed in the market. It is a special lock for High Risk situations; however, it is not very cheap, it provides good results in both practicality and security.

  • Kryptonite Kryptolok 955 Mini

This short and cheap chain lock is really light and easy to carry around your seat post. Its links are 9 mm wide, so it is suitable for a Lower Risk environment; nevertheless, it provides a better safety sense than any cable locks. An advice if you decide for this sort of lock, try to keep as far from the ground to give thieves a hard time if they try to break with a bolt cutter. 

  • Kryptonite New York Noose 1275

One of the greatest advantages of this lock lies in the ability to double the usable length of the chain thanks to the noose system. With 12mm hardened steel links turn this into a very secure chain lock, ideal for the High Risk category and it can be given a daily use without any further complication or wearing. Probably its weight of 3.15 kg would an annoyance to some bike users, but it is just a minimum and not such a big issue to deal with 

  • Foldylock Compact

This device is described as the lightest folding lock with a reasonable sense of protection and the most usable lock you can find in the market. Its 85 cm (33 inches) of length makes it be similar to the standard size u-locks are presented; although its flexibility provides a plus to this specific lock with plenty of options when locking your bike. If you decide to pick this lock, be sure that you are immerse in a Lower Risk situation; otherwise, this lock would be useless.

  • Abus Bordo 6500

A great follower of the previous 6000 model, the 6500 has proved to be stronger and heavier than its predecessor. The folding plates have a thickness of 5.5mm, but this is not an impediment to consider this lock as Higher Risk protection device. With 33.5” (85 cm approx.) the device should give you plenty of options at the moment of searching for a place to secure your bike. It is kind of heavy, but not to the level of becoming an annoyance; it is even lighter than any other chain lock and with a higher sense of security than a u-lock would ever provide.

If you are still not convinced by the devices recommended above, be free to check other options following the criteria mentioned in this article some paragraphs above.   


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