Locksmith Tips for Retail Spaces

It is alarming the amount of robberies that take place year after year in different areas of life in urban areas, affecting individual properties and big stores as well. And most of these robberies are mostly caused by an illegal entrance by forcing or opening locks of a house or a business, where most of the stealing is taking place in most of the retail stores around the country.

Retail stores are the most vulnerable places to be robbed since there are several items that could catch the attention of burglars and thefts are taking place more frequent than a house or an office. Most of the time, these shops suffered the biggest amount of robberies due to an improper security system and the lack of good locks in the entrances of the stores.

So, retail stores owners are truly concerned about the way to avoid these situations and looking for the best way to make their businesses safer and move them away from the thieves’ attention. 

How to make a retail store more secure?

Searching around the security market, you would find several high-tech solutions that can be applied for the store security for a very low price, as well as solutions on the non-technological area with prices on the low scale.

But before deciding for any of these systems, there must be certain aspects to be taken into consideration to turn your retail store into a safer and secure, diminishing the amount of robberies that can happen in the period of a year. And most of these aspects do not require implementing any sort of technical gadgets around the store.

One of these aspects is related to organization of the retail store; a more organized store will help sellers and personnel to check the items in the place and the absence of any of the products sold by the business. Along with this better organization of the store premises, the training of the personnel as monitors of customers from the moment they get into the store will help to diminish robberies on it. Also, the usage of handbags and baby cars should be revised in order to avoid or reduce theft all over the place.

Furthermore, placing mirrors in strategic places and good lighting in every single corner or aisle of the retail store is another of the factors that have to be considered in order to make the place more secure at a low cost.  

Locksmith Tips to secure the retail store

So the next step to secure your retail store is to check all entrances and locks around the place. In order to prevent break-ins, which have been related to key and locks issues, the following tips have to be taken into consideration among all owners:

  • Select the Right Door Locks

Take your business protection at first place, so achieving this goal has to be done by choosing the correct door locks that can provide all the security available in the market which is going to reflect in your tranquility. Try to make criminals a hard time when they are determined to break into your retail store by placing the best commercial door locks and deadbolts available. The best choices to go for are the double-cylinder deadbolt lock and the pin tumbler cylinder; but before taking any decision, be certain to lock for the advice of a trustable locksmith to tell which choice is the best for your business.  

  • Make Sure That All Entrances Are Secure

All doors of your store have to be covered by the same sort of locks in order to increase the security of the place. Do not give priority to your front entrance only, all entrances are of high importance; take into consideration that most of the illegal entrances to a retail store happen at the rear entrance since the lock given to it is less secure than the one given to the main door. So provide every access door to your business a secure door lock and deadbolts, especially the back door which has been proven as the most vulnerable point of the store.

  • Rekey Every Door at the Retail Store

Rekey every single lock on a constant pace. Every time a person quits or gets fired from the business for personal or business related issues, it is the perfect time to rekey all the doors since you are not certain if the person is going to take any retaliation against your store, especially if you did not finish the relationship in an amicable way. That would also be helpful when there are several key copies among personnel that you have no idea they possess them. It is advisable to rekey the locks in very short periods of times that would not be longer than four months; but the timing of it is a decision that you have to take by your own. 

  • Get a safe 

To prevent any valuable belongings, cash, or even important documents, a high-tech with a trustable secure system safe is advisable to buy. Assure that the safe you are getting will be placed behind some secure place protected by a well locked door. By doing this all the valuable assets and cash placed in the safe are going to be well protected.

Using the latest technology gadgets

Technology is invading the locking area and nowadays there are several features and devices to enhance the security deadbolts and locks provide. For instance, a lock with automatic closure will be placed in the store to protect that merchandise considered high value. Using code locking handles would provide protection to the store and valuable items; codes prevent the entrance of new employees and very curious or suspicious customers.

Other devices that can and should be placed in the store are security cameras in strategic places such every single door in the retail store, highlighting the entrance and the rear door.

Remember to check all the security measures, devices, and training your store has established as parameters of the protection of it. In this way, you are prepared for any inconvenience or trouble that would show up in the close future.   

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