How to Make Your Home Safe from Intruders locksmith evanston il

How to Make Your Home Safe from Intruders

How to Make your Home Safe from Intruders

We all know about the locking of doors, shutting our windows, and peeping through the peephole or keyhole when you hear a knock. However, there are other things you could do to secure your home. Burglars are very smart so you have to be extra careful in whatever measure you are taking to protect your home. Some of the safety measures you have to take to prevent intruders from entering your home include

  • Use Warning Signs

The fact is that burglars are on the lookout for the easiest way, and this is because they don’t want to risk being bitten by ferocious dogs or being caught. Even if you don’t have a dog, you might put a “beware of dog” sign in your yard or on your fence. You can even go out of the way by putting a dog bowl by your side door or go as far as installing fake security cameras near your back doors just to scare off potential burglars.

If you’re paying a security company for an alarm system, you should announce it with a sign to scare burglars away. Some people don’t want to pay the monthly fee for an alarm service, they can buy a home security sign to put in their yards anyway. However, Nick Santarsiero, a home security expert and the owner of Property Protection Consulting, has issued a serious warning against displaying a sign if you don’t really have an alarm system. This is because perpetrators may think that every house without that sign in front also does not have protection, thus placing others in danger.

  • Eliminate Hiding Places 

In your compound, there should be little or fewer trees and shrubs found around. Inasmuch as they are very important to enhance the beauty of the compound and help with fresh air, they can also serve as a hiding place for burglars and criminals. What you have to do is to trim down the trees and plants that are close to your house because they can be used as covers. Go for smaller bushes and flowers instead. If you have trees near your windows, you have to either remove them or reinforce your window security. Don’t neglect the other part of your home’s exterior, use these best practices to keep things locked up tight.

You should also put away stools and ladders, lock gates, sheds, and other outdoor buildings. Don’t tempt thieves by leaving pricey goods on display in your compound. You can also add security signs and stickers to scare them off.

  • Light Up the Compound 

Always make sure that the outside of your home is always lit because it will surely discourage burglars from even making an attempt. Place the lights at your entrance door, and turn some lights on and off. If the light is inside, you should put them near your windows but it has to be near your curtain so it won’t be easily seen by intruders. Always make sure that the outdoor security light is more effective by using motion-activated lights, saving energy with solar-powered lights, and putting the outdoor lights on a timer.

  • Set Up a Security System 

Your apartment is supposed to have a form of security system. Whether its a basic system security or a professional security system, whichever it is, ensure your house is secure. Today, there are plenty of options for security systems to choose from, just make sure you choose the one you are comfortable with. You can also contact the local police department in your area for the neighborhood crime statistics because it helps in doing a home security evaluation of your home. 

  • Lock Down Your Wi-Fi Network 

The Wi-Fi network of your house is like the doorway to your personal and financial information. If you are using home automation for your house, it will be difficult for burglars to break-in. For houses where the Wi-Fi network is connected to your smart home gadgets or security system, the criminals could get direct access to your home.

Tips to secure your network

  1. Secure your wireless router
  2. Enable WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2 encryption
  3. Rename and hide your home network
  4. Use a firewall
  5. Install anti-virus and anti-malware protection
  6. Create strong passwords
  • Add Security Cameras 

You have probably seen on TV, burglars being caught on security cameras. This particular security system serves as both a means for security and a means to get justice. The cameras could either be part of the house or you could install it. Whichever one you are using, make sure it’s a security camera with a mobile app so you can easily monitor it and you can store any footage early enough to get to the police. Other features of security cameras include Motion detection, night vision, Wi-Fi capability, two-way talk, local or cloud storage, weatherproof casing for outdoor cameras. 

  • Secure the Garage 

The entrance to your home is becoming more popular with criminals. And even if they can’t access your house, there are chances of you storing things in your garage. Always make it a habit to lock all doors to the garage whether it is interior or exterior. You may also consider keeping your garage door opener in the house. That way a burglar can’t grab it easily. If its a case where you use a security code to open the garage, make sure you keep it secret and never enter it in front of delivery people, neighbors, or anyone else.

Here are some more easy ways to secure the garage.

  1. Upgrade it to a smart garage door opener.
  2. Cover windows to hide the properties inside.
  3. Secure the garage doors with extra locks.
  4. Use home automation and never try to leave the garage door open unless you are inside.

Every day of your life, your security should be your priority. Intruders should never be given an opportunity to have a view of what the insides of your house looks like. Try to take all the safety measures you can to ensure that your house is secured.

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