How to Check a Locksmith’s License and Insurance

In recent decades the Security sector has seen a massive grown. Anyone who wishes to keep their houses, businesses, and cars secure, and prevent any break-ins or intrusions needs to hire the services of a professional locksmith. However, before you sign any contract, you need to be certain that the service you are hiring is properly licensed and insured. 

By making sure that you are hiring the services of a licensed and insured Locksmith, you are guaranteeing that you are dealing with a professional and highly trained technician who is more than capable of securing your home, business or car, and having insurance means that if anything goes wrong with the work, you will be covered.

People are always uncertain about how to find out if the locksmith they are working with is properly certified, other times they are just embarrassed to ask for proper documentation. But if you want to be sure that by the end of the day, your valuables will be secure, you need to ask the hard questions and conduct a thorough research before you make decisions. A quick search online on how to check for a locksmith license and insurance will yield little results, luckily for you, we are here to help you, in this article, we will discuss the many ways you can find all the necessary information about the Locksmith you are planning doing business with. 


There is no denying the Internet is the greatest source of information since the days of the Library of Alexandria. In the World Wide Web, you can information for just about anything, this is the place most people go to when they want to investigate and research a product or a service they are planning on acquiring. Companies and service providers are well aware of how much important the internet is, and how relevant it is to their marketing efforts. Trusted and professional Locksmith services offering their business online know they have to come up with a professional website, make it easy to navigate, and showcase ways to verify all the information they are providing on the site, regarding themselves and the locksmithing services they are offering. The internet is the best place to start looking for a locksmith and doing research before making contact with any company. In the United States, for example, many states offer the opportunity to look for the Locksmith’s license and current status. Whenever you find yourself in need of hiring a locksmith, the internet is the best place to start.


Sadly, the noble Locksmith profession has its fair share of criminals lurking in the shadows. From fake company advertising on the Internet charging up ten times more to unsavory characters working in close confines with people with sufficient knowledge to bypass security measures. In recent years there has been a spike of home break-in where the perpetrator receive help from someone inside the company who provided the security locks for a home or a business. The most respected companies offering locksmith services have been tirelessly working to find ways to protect the private information provided by the customers from falling into the wrong hands. It is of the utmost importance that you conduct a thorough research when choosing a locksmith service, it is always more advisable to pick the one with the more long-standing reputation and has a better feedback from clients, even if it means that is further away from where you are. The reason behind this is that a reputable locksmith always makes sure to keep your private information, well, private, and away from prying eyes. 


Business Licenses are issued to Locksmith companies with reliable and verified day-to-day business operations conducted through the highest of standards set by the authorities in the Sector. What this means, is that every single person employed by the locksmith company have gone through background checks and have no criminal records. As it was mention above, checking whether a locksmith company has the all the proper documentation, active license and up-to-date insurance papers is a fairly easy process nowadays because the licensing agencies are providing easy access to consumers to check that the Locksmith company they want to do business with have all the necessary documentation. 

Once you have done all the research you needed and you are satisfied with the results regarding the locksmith’s credentials, you can now ask for advice or get a quotation without any obligation what so ever to the company. The Locksmithing industry falls into the Service Sector, therefore, you are in your right to expect and demand only the highest levels of servitude from a proper and fully licensed and insured Locksmith company.

After everything is said and done, and you have chosen the Locksmith Company you want to do business with, and you are satisfied with their documentation, then you can rest assured they will be able to handle the locks and other security measures in your home, business, and car. 

In case you are unable to find a licensed locksmith near you, there is a new trend in the sector, they are called “Bonded Locksmiths.” In order for a locksmith to receive its license, it has to take an exam and pass a background check, bonded locksmith, on the other hand, they are required to submit proof of reliability. They are normally backed by Insurance or bonding companies, they are the ones that guarantee the Locksmith is more than capable of doing the work and meet the highest of safety standards. This “bonding” is also an assurance for the customer to protect them from any damage during the job. 

There are two kinds of bonded locksmiths, Commercial and Contract. A Commercial bonded Locksmith can operate on specific locations, like government buildings, and medical and education facilities. Contract bonded Locksmiths can work on big projects, construction sites, and major maintenance projects. 

Hopefully, thanks to this article, the next time you are in desperate need of a Locksmith, you can be able to identify those who are better suited to handle your business from those who are not.

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