How to Become a Locksmith?

Well, in case you didn’t know, a locksmith is the person that works with all kind of locks and safes, as well as providing a host of services to customers in regard of these areas. 

Say for example you are in need of getting new locks for your home or your business, well, then you’ll need to retain the services of a professional locksmith as they will guide you through the whole process, from choosing the one that suits your needs to the final installation of the locks and showing you that they are working as they should. 

A Locksmith is also capable of re-keying old locks, as well as making keys duplications no matter the level of security the key has. 

Also, if you happen to find yourself lockout of your home, business, or car, then the first thing you have to do, it’s too called a Locksmith to help you get out of that pickle jar you got yourself into, and that is no easy fee, because unlocking a lock without having the key is pretty much like solving a puzzle without the picture on the box, and a certified professional locksmith will try various methods to do this in order to avoid damaging your lock. 

A locksmith is used to work with a large range of tools and products varying from simple looking locks, to more sophisticated and intricate locking mechanism and security systems. A good and professional locksmith should be familiar with all types of locks as they don’t know what they might encounter in their line of work, as well as staying on top of current technological advancements in the world of locks and security systems, they are also required to become used to working with such tools like drills, grinders, and lathes. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if the locksmith becomes familiar doing works like carpentry and electrical, as they would both be a plus in their line of work. 

Another thing any potential locksmith should consider is that because of the kind of service they are trained to do, their workings hours aren’t going to be limited to the standard “office hours”, they will be required, just like a doctor, to remain reachable at all hours, so, you may want to work on irregular schedules, traveling to many locations, and at times, under less than preferable weather conditions, much like a mailman. 

In order for a person to become a locksmith will have to go through training that is a combination of theoretical knowledge acquired in a classroom, and practical knowledge provided by hands-on experience. You will find that there are multiple schools and training programs out there, that not only offer in-person courses but you could also find them online. 

As a locksmithing student undergoing your career, you’ll be required to go through several courses like Key Identification, High-Security Locks, Key Making, Vault Locks, Lock Installation, Master Key System, Lock Picking, Business and Home Security Systems, Residential Locks, Electronic Access Locks, and automotive locks. 

Many locksmithing students will further expand their knowledge obtained in the training program by participating in apprenticeships or pairing up as a trainee with a professional Locksmith doing work around the office or assisting on the field. 

Now, in order to show your clients that you are a reliable and trusted Locksmith, you will have to go through licensure process to obtain your trade license or certification. After all, a Locksmith is granted access to people homes, businesses, sensitive security areas, and both clients and employers should be confident that they are opening their doors to someone who has all the proper documentation. Sometimes even a background check from your local police precinct can be required to do certain jobs in certain places. 

The time that takes to become a Locksmith will vary depending on the courses you take, whether you pass them or not, and how much time will you dedicate to the training program, resulting in completing your career in several months. There are some courses that offer a two months intensive program, while others are four or more months more, and then you have to add the time it takes to undergo the hands-on training which can take much more months or even years to finish. For example apprenticeships programs takes up to three years to finish. 

Like with any other career, something a lot of people wanting to become a locksmith wonders about is how much would the job pay, well, in the United States, locksmith earnings in a year would be of approximately $40.000, however, trainees and apprentices would start by earning minimum wage and only through experience and productivity they could move forward with their monthly income. 

Also, with experience Locksmith can be promoted to higher positions and be given greater responsibilities as well as a salary raise, sometimes they are even moved to much larger companies, and those who are incredibly successful would have a tendency of diverting to the private sector and open up their own locksmith company. 

Now, after you have finished your locksmithing training program and have become a certified locksmith and you’re desperately looking for job opportunities, as mentioned above, you may want to start out as an apprentice or a trainee, search your area for the most prominent locksmith services company offering apprenticeship programs or are just willing to take on a trainee. If you prove to be a pro-efficient person, hardworking and willing to learn under all kinds of situation and conditions, you could be offered to have a bright future in that company working for them full time after the trainee programs finish. 

A locksmith with a little bit more experienced that newly “graduates” can go looking for work with independent locksmiths that are established and respectable in the community, also they can go to hardware stores, security systems manufacturers, organizations or institutions with pretty large facilities in need of constant maintenance in their locks and security systems, like Hospitals or Universities.           

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