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The house security is not only in the hands of the forces and security bodies of the state and the approved security companies, but security is also everyone’s responsibility. Through training, information and prevention, we can all contribute to reducing the statistics of theft in housing. With this objective, we present a series of tips that we can follow to protect our homes.

Nine Security Tips to Protect Your Home

Although most of the robberies with force in homes take place in our absence, in many cases our presence is not an impediment for intruders to assault our home. Robberies with violence and intimidation have increased in recent years, especially in single-family homes and chalets, the most vulnerable. We present a series of safety tips with which we will reduce the chances of theft in our homes:

1. Increase security at the door: most of the intrusions take place through the access door to the house. It is essential to have an armored door with at least two closing points and prevent openings or gaps that make it possible to leverage it to force it.

2. Always close with a key: when we are going to be absent for a long period of time from our home, we make sure not to leave anything on, we close the water and close the door several turns of the key; but when we only miss a few minutes we forget to lock. We naively think that if we go out to do a message or visit a neighbor for a short period of time, they will not steal from us and we will not lock the door.

3. Protection to avoid the easy opening of the windows: if we live in single-family houses or on the first floors of the building, it is imperative to have security bars or similar security elements to avoid access through the windows, but if we live in high floors neither should we think that we are safe. We can protect them with closures that prevent their easy opening and if to open them slide horizontally, we can use inside a bar or a wooden stick to acting as a stop on the rail and cannot move easily. Another homemade option to protect the guillotine windows is to drill the frame and insert a long nail that serves as a stop in the hole. The blinds, although in no case they replace the security of bars, can also serve as a protection element.

4. Remember that the enemy can be at home: before “opening” the doors of our homes to strangers of domestic service (cleaning staff, babysitter …) it is essential to ask for references in addition to having all your personal data and a copy of the documentation. If we have provided the keys to the house and we have finished the employment relationship, for security reasons it is convenient to change the door lock.

5. Bet on a security system for your home: the most common security measures in homes are:

  • Armored doors.
  • Bars.
  • Alarms.
  • Surveillance Cameras.

The latest generation alarms are immune to frequency inhibitors, sabotages, power outages, etc. Although video surveillance is increasingly widespread in homes, alarms are still the most effective security solution for private homes.

6. Never open to strangers: if we do not previously expect the visit of a commercial, technical etc. It is not advisable to open the door to any stranger, regardless of whether he is uninformed and/or accredited. At the time of committing robberies or scams, criminals pose as vendors or technicians of electricity, gas or telecommunications companies to access housing.

7. Illuminate well the perimeter and access to housing: especially in single-family homes and chalets, it is important to have well-lit access to housing and the perimeter, these measures are very effective in deterring intruders.

8. Remember that the police are here to help you: if you see strangers in a suspicious attitude or find signs in your home that indicate a risk of assault, call 911 immediately. Citizen collaboration is fundamental to crime prevention.

9. Avoid stealing in your home is profitable: the home invaders, like all “professionals”, choose their objectives taking into account the binomial “profitability-risk”. If assaulting the home is risky (protected access, security measures …) and the booty is small, they will discard it. On the contrary, if they know that the booty is attractive (money in cash, jewelry, electronic devices …) they will risk getting hold of it.

How can I protect my home when I’m on vacation?

Security tips to protect our home during the holidays.

With the holidays (summer, Christmas and Easter), the high season begins for home burglars. The intruders take advantage of the prolonged absence of owners to perpetrate thefts in homes. Now we give you basic safety tips to protect our home during the holidays:

Do not post photos of our vacations on social networks.

If we are in Indonesia enjoying the vacations of our lives, we can surely wait to go home to upload the photos and show off with friends … In many cases we do not know who follows us on social networks or the degree of privacy of our profiles, For this reason, all the information that we publish can be used by the intruders, both to know if we are absent, as well as to know details of the interior of the house and the valuable objectives that we have.

 Save valuables and documentation in a safe place.

The most sought after by the thieves is money in cash and jewelry, but they are also interested in electronic devices and documentation, with which they can carry out all kinds of scams. For this reason, we should expose neither valuables nor credit cards, invoices, bank statements, identity documents, online banking keys, etc.

Use Timers

We can use presence simulators and timers to program the lighting of the house lights. We also find an ally in technology, for example, turning on and off the new televisions can be programmed, making it a good presence simulator.

Collect all the correspondence from your mailbox.

A mailbox with advertising is a “claim” for intruders. Also avoid completely lowering the blinds, as we have already emphasized, the goal is to make the intruders believe that we are inside our home.

It has a multi-risk home insurance.

No one wants to be a victim of a robbery, so it is important to install security measures in our home, but if we suffer a theft, it is important to have good home insurance. We must ensure the coverage offered by our home insurance so that it covers the damage of the theft and a good part of the value of our belongings.

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