Deadbolts- The Quickest Way to Make Your Home Safer local locksmith skokie il

Deadbolts: The Quickest Way to Make Your Home Safer

Exists A lock for every need, we are going to talk to you today about how to choose the ideal lock for your home, office or any place where you need to put an object of these characteristics, according to your needs.

And is that the protection of your house and your belongings inside is a legitimate concern, especially with the high number of thefts that occur in these days. However, there are many types of locks available and it can be difficult to know which ones will be suitable for your home. Before investing in high-quality locks, make sure you have high-quality doors. Without a sturdy door, a heavy-duty lock will not do too much.

We recommend any of the following types of locks since it does not require professional installation and can be done at home with the right tools.


High-strength safety locks that are independent of the doorknob. These locks are placed so that a large metal bar – the screw – exits from one side of your door to the wall. This ensures that unless the bolt is unlocked, the door can not be opened. The locks are hard and strong, but if they are not properly secured, they can sometimes be destroyed by kicking the door or using a drill and other locksmith tools. Look for a hardened steel bolt.

Make sure that the plate for the safety latch has been installed correctly and that the bolt is properly attached to its hole in the door jamb. If it does not go to the bottom of the hole, or the strike plate is not safe, the door frame will not be kept up against a possible attack or theft. Use the screws that are at least 2 inches long to mount the strike plate to the door frame. Some types of deadbolt are:

  • Single cylinder bolt

This blockage is the most common bolt type. It is mounted inside the door and has a rotating knob on the inside and a key cylinder on the outside of the door.

  • 2. Double cylinder bolt

The double cylinder is also internally mounted. The difference between the single cylinder and the double cylinder is that there is no rotary knob, on the other hand, both sides have a key cylinder. You always need a key to open the door whether you are inside or outside the residence. The advantage of this is that if there is glass in the door frame or close to it, it can not be broken and then the intruder can simply reach and use the rotary knob to unlock the door

With key

Lockable locks are best for doors that can not have a security bolt installed, such as sliding glass doors or patio doors. While many people just have to place a piece of wood on the inside track of the door to prevent the door from opening from the outside, an expert thief will recognize this very quickly and go for it. Locks with key offer the best protection in sliding doors, especially if they are installed on the top and bottom of the door.

Electronic locks

Many of the new models in the market do not even require the use of a key, instead of using a code through a keyless entry or the smartphone to open the lock. Most of these locks are locks or high technology options for different types of access and reinforced security.

These keyless options are not only a more advanced form of security, but allow a block through access with a code or the use of smartphones of an individual, for example, allow your children to enter the house after school if you have not yet arrived home from work.

Since the electronic locks are connected to the telephone, the user has direct information about who is entering their house and when. While these locks are high tech, they are easy to install and interact with the free apps that you can download directly to your phone. 


One of the main advantages of a wireless security bolt system is that it is the very low profile. In this type of sensor security system is actually inside the door lock. This means that there are no cables that snaked around the house to give away how your home is protected. Also, because the sensors are wireless there is no worry about accidentally cutting the wires or disconnecting the system since you are doing repairs at home or some other kind of maintenance where the cables would be a big inconvenience.


While a security system intends to keep your house constantly watched, the security system may be vulnerable to manipulation. Cable systems can leave power lines or access cables exposed on the outside of the house, and those that can allow talented people to break the security system. Wireless systems have no exposed wires, and deadbolt sensors are actually inside the door. Since they are so relatively small and hidden, that means that accessing those sensors to compromise the system is almost impossible to do with any kind of physical tool.

Lock Mechanism

Some wireless deadbolt security systems also have a system to open doors to the house. When the keypad is outside the door (or if the panel is in a wireless device such as a garage door opener) the owner can actually unlock their doors without a key. This feature is quite expensive, but when you enter the correct code the locks will be turned back and allow the owner of the house access to the code door was hit in a. This can be a great advantage for owners who do not want to leave copies of the keys out there.

If are you looking for a quick but effective solution for the doors of your home? A bolt is a good first choice. Locks are the most common type of lock for the front doors of houses and combine well with other locks to help increase security

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