Burglary Statistics Facts for Homeowners

The more you know about statistics of burglaries and robbery, the more you are concerned about your home security. As an example of these statistics we can say that in the U.S., every eighteen seconds, a burglary occurs. It means that there are about 200 burglary cases per hour and around 4,800 at a daily basis. However, knowing these facts will certainly help you prepare for avoiding such unwanted situations. This is why, in this article, we have put together a lot of information regarding statistic facts about burglary in order to help you know what to be prepared for and hence, be able to improve your home security.

Burglars Usually Avoid Homes with Security Systems

According to a report made at Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology by the University of North Carolina, 6 out of every 10 convicted burglars, claimed that the presence of security systems made them decide to change their minds and choose another home for targeting instead. 

This means that in order to lower the probabilities of your house being targeted for potential burglary. It is also very important to use the signs and stickers that your home security provider gives you so potential intruders are aware of your security system. This way, there is a chance that they might decline in their intention of targeting your house. Placing your stickers not only in the front part of your house but in the back and sides is a good way to make them as visible as possible.

Most Criminal Acts like Burglary Occurs between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

 This means that the majority of burglars and thieves act during daylight instead of at night which is the most common conception. The reason for this is that people are normally at work or school and criminals have lower chances of being spotted.

Home security systems give you different ideas that can be very helpful for this situation. You can get cameras and motion sensors installed in order for your hose to be protected while your family is away during the day. Home security systems are able to let you know and also alert the authorities if potential criminals break in your home.

Most Burglars Break in Homes near Where They Live

Recent studies on burglary claim that these criminals to target homes within a range of two miles from their home. Living nearby allows them to study and learn your family’s routine through observation. This lets them make their moves while having certain information about the time your family is away from home as well as the time they will return. There are also signs that might let them know that you are on vacation like piled-up newspapers, and non-mown lawn among many other signs. 

You can avoid this by trying to change your routine as much as possible, choose different routes for going home, come home if you have spare time at work, especially if you know that nobody’s home. And if you are going on vacation, have somebody look after your house in your behalf. 

Most Burglaries are Committed within a 10-Minute Period of Time

It is well known that criminals usually look for houses with low security levels, that and prior study of the movements of the inhabitants of the target house, allow them to be able to break in, get what they want and leave without being spotted. 

For this tip we will go back to security systems since this is the best way in which you are able to protect your house from burglars. Joining a neighborhood watch is also a good idea besides suing a crime mapping website. It is also very useful to keep yourself updated on local crime trends.

Around 30% of Criminals are Able to Get in Houses through Unlocked Doors or Windows

The amount of criminals that get into their target houses by an unlocked door or windows is impressive. Some of them go in even through the front door. This means that a lot of people do not realize how easy it is to get into their homes when they believe that all the doors are closed or when they have the illusion of a “safe” neighborhood so they think it is not necessary to lock all the doors and windows.

We highly recommend you to lock all your doors and windows even while you are at home. Some experts even suggest setting up the alarms and security system also while you are home. It is also a very good idea to maintain your shrubs and trees trimmed back which will make the house less appealing for criminals. And remember reinforcing your front door since about 34% of burglars aim first for your principal entrance for getting in your home. Having a metal or hard-wood door will keep burglars away.

Burglars Often Aim for the Master Bedroom First

Most people believe that their most treasured values are safe inside their homes and they neglect placing them in safe boxes of hide them from plain view. Burglars go first to the master room looking for jewels, cash and even weapons. Drawers, closets, and mattresses are their favorite places to scavenge so try to put your valuables in some other place in case they actually get to break in. 

Remember hiding your most precious belonging in safe boxes preferably hid in the floor, or place them in unlikely places around the house.

There are a lot other facts like, people being home while burglars break in, or only 13% of burglars in 2013 got actually arrested and the average loss cost in properties from burglaries is $2,251 which means that even when your home it is important to be protected and that home security system is not as expensive if you consider how much you could lose in your house is victim of burglars. So, by following these suggestions you will be able to protect not only your values but also your family.

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