Being Locked Out is Not Fun. Here is How to Avoid it. locksmith evanston il

Being Locked Out is Not Fun. Here is How to Avoid it.

Being blocked is not fun. Being locked in your house because it does not open the lock is not fun. So I’ll give you some tips to prevent this from happening. Do you have problems with the lock? Your key gets stuck, it does not turn, it does not open, it’s hard as a stone … we teach you tricks to open the door normally.

Surely you have spent more than one: the key does not enter, does not turn, turns but does not open, the lock is hard as a stone … It is usual; the mechanism of the locks is delicate and often requires a small maintenance. So that you do not take frights and know how to react when you have a problem accessing your home, we tell you 6 trick that professional locksmith’s use that will be very useful when…

  • The key does not enter

Well, if the key is new, your copy may have rough edges that have not been well filed and are blocking the way. Go to any establishment of a copy of the keys and ask for it to be reviewed and finished properly. If the copy worked well at the time, see if there is anything preventing your entry: dirt or a malicious body. If so, use a pin or a needle to remove it carefully, trying not to introduce it further.

If there is nothing visible but it is very cold, the lock may be simply frozen. Warm the set carefully to remove the ice, and try to introduce it little by little. If everything else has not worked, try lubricating with graphite powder spray.

  • It costs a lot to turn the key

Is it a combined mechanism of opening of those in which you have to turn key and knob at the same time? If so, try to operate it at different times looking for the optimum point of friction. With the passage of time, these sets lose their perfect articulation and become loose. Try lubricating the mechanism by means of a graphite powder spray, for sale at your usual hardware store. If this does not work, ask for the help of a professional locksmith to examine the whole.

  • The key turns but does not open

That is, the key feels loose in there as if it does not find resistance. Then it looks like the inner mechanism has been damaged. In this case, it is best to call a professional directly, it will be necessary to repair or replace the set.

  • The key does not come out, it has jammed

Try to pull carefully and without prying, as you could bend the key and break it. To control the movement and avoid breaking it, grasp it with a pair of pliers and, while you try to extract it, move it from side to side slightly.

  • The latch does not work

The most normal thing is that it has been misaligned because of the use: the pins suffer a lot with bumps and jerks, moving one of the two parts and losing their perfect relationship. You have three possible solutions:

  • Tighten the screws. This way it will return to its initial position, resuming the path.
  • Readjusts the piece that goes in the frame of the door so that it adapts to the new route demanded by the probable displacement of the door.
  • Lubricates with graphite powder spray.
  • problem with the lock
  • The latch jams

Again, it is most likely that the door has been displaced due to misalignment or deterioration of the hinges. To check it, lift it slightly and see if the pin moves freely. If so, you have to correct this deviation: either by moving the latch to a new position or by returning the hinges to their original position.

What happens if you did not stay inside your house because of problems with the key and if you stayed in the street? In this article, we tell you the three most effective tricks to try to open your door. You have left the house to run and you have forgotten the keys, do not get overwhelmed or frustrated, nothing happens, it is more common than you think, you are not a mess or a mistake, you are simply human, and these things happen.

Forget the keys are as normal, and whoever says otherwise, lies. We lead a life totally to the race, and with a thousand things in the head, and this makes, from time to time, such simple, habitual acts, and that we have fully mechanized in our day to day, as it is to always carry the keys above, and more when we are going to leave home, they pass us, especially in times of stress or hurry, like when we are going to take a trip, and we start to take out all the suitcases and accessories from home, or when we arrive late to an appointment, when the sheets have been stuck and we arrived late to work, or simply the mess of taking the children to school. 

These are stressful situations that make us forget the keys. Therefore, it is not unusual for this situation to occur habitually, and that it has happened to all of us at some time. Or maybe, you’ve lost the keys, you’re very clear that you closed the door with them, but from there your memories are only doubts, you’re not sure if you have kept them in a pocket, in a bag, in the car. At some point, they must have gotten lost, because being, it is clear that you have been looking for a while, and returning your steps backward, and they are nowhere to be found.

We present the three tricks to try to open your door, the most used, or at least, the most tried by the vast majority in these situations of forgetfulness or loss of keys.

The first thing we will talk about is the bumping method, the first thing we have to do is get a bumping key, and what is a bumping key, it is a key that fits perfectly in the lock, but does not open it for more than try

The next one we are going to talk to and help you with is the credit card method. While it is true that this method was very effective a few years ago, we must warn that in recent times it is not so much, it is not as effective with modern doors and locks as it was with the simple ones before, but all is to prove, we have nothing to lose at this point.

Finally, the third and last recommended trick. If these two previous ones have not taken effect, I’m afraid that you only have to call a locksmith, comfortable, fast, and safe

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