Are Security Cameras Effective at Protecting Your Property? locksmith wilmette il

Are Security Cameras Effective at Protecting Your Property?

Everybody knows that home security has turned into one of the biggest concerns among house owners all over the world.  People look for the best alarm system, protective locks, and several other devices that are aimed to provide a sense of safeness to most people about their properties, families, and themselves.

One of these devices is highly promoted security cameras, mostly by companies that manufacture and distribute them. These companies claimed that these are the best devices to provide the security required at your home, office or business; and they have to do so since their main purpose is to cover a sales quota per month.

But are they really protective? There is no doubt that security cameras have a great impact in the surveillance area and they are useful to observe what is going on in a particular area of your property; being this area pretty restrictive or ample according to the lenses scope of the cameras, but one certain thing is that they cannot cover all areas in your dwelling or work space creating some weak spots in your own house or business security.

Do Security Cameras provide the desired safety?

One aspect of security cameras is that they are devices created for observation, so they do not offer the needed security to prevent robbery or protect your property for the entrance of any undesired guest. The key word related to security cameras is observation, and that is just one step into the widest world of security you required to protect any of your belongings at home or work and your entire family as well. 

As a passive stage in the provision of protection, these devices are not enough to feel protected and these cameras alone will not provide that secure sensation you are looking forward to. Relying just on cameras will make your property truly weak if they are not part of an integral security system in your house or workplace. Do not think that by installing cameras around your property, things are going to be safe and there are not going to be invaded by thieves anytime soon. And these lines are going to explain why cameras cannot be used as a single way of home or business security.

Six Reasons Why Security Cameras Do Not Protect your Property 

So far, after going through the previous passages, you are wondering why cameras are not good enough to protect your property; a question that is hammering your head from the very beginning of this article, but take a deep breath and relax because we are about to provide the answer you are looking for.

  • Security Cameras are not something that worries thieves at all, it doesn’t matter how hard you believe cameras are completely useful about stooping or reducing crime. As it is mentioned above, cameras are just an observation tool and thieves care very little if they can be seen taking other people’s belonging and they don’t feel threaten by a few cameras placed in some strategic places at your property.

So don’t put all your trust believing that at the sight of the camera, a burglar is going to stop immediately if he feels that someone is watching him; stop believing such a thing and start to strengthen your surveillance system with other security devices such as smart locks or protection to avoid break-ins through windows. 

  • And as complement of the first entry in this part, the presence of camera is not a guarantee that the burglar is going to have a moment of self-consciousness and regret his action stopping the robbery just because his wrong-doing is being caught in a camera.

As a matter of fact, a camera will become a challenge for thieves, especially if they are the single security device placed in your property. And it will make you feel much stressed while observing the robbery taking place on video all over again.

  • One great disadvantage security cameras have on them is the fact that they can be easily stolen no matter how high or hidden you think they are placed. It is quite funny to admit that one of the devices people believe are designed to provide security at home can be easily stolen. As a matter of fact, cameras and all the devices related to the surveillance – such as Security DVR, CCTV cables, etc. – are also high susceptible to be stolen without caring from thieves that they are so far apart they cannot be reached by criminals; and that is a believe so far from truth. Burglars do not care how many cameras you have at your property; if they are the main objective of the burglary, be sure they are going to be taken away for sure. 
  • Well, now you will put all the attention to the crime footage and put all your hopes that this sort of evidence will lead to the certain capture of the criminal. Once again, your hopes are going to be destroyed since the video evidence will lead you nowhere in the searching of the criminal.

It has been proved through years that the existence of documentation of the perpetration of a crime has leaded to very few results of getting the burglar into jail. Police Departments will put little effort besides the evidence and if you go on the vigilante mode, chances for the thief to be captured are very scarce. 

  • Placement of security cameras all over the house, even after they have been stolen and then double thinking in a security strengthening, cannot guarantee that your property is not going to be stolen again. Remember that cameras are just observation devices and of they are not accompanied by other security gadgets, their work is simply recording bad moments at your place.
  • One final thought about security cameras, as with other security devices, the possession of them are not a restricted way to criminals. A burglar is not going to be stopped for a single camera or the best lock or security shades; all of them have weaknesses and thieves are getting technology experts. To prevent any robbery or break-in attempt, all the measures you take have to be complemented one to the other. Do not rely on a single device, such a security camera, to lay all the security of your property on them.

So, just take out of your mind that the placement of cameras in your property is a strong sign of security; it is not, they have to be part of a series of devices and actions to be taken (such as restricted access to you place, belongings being kept in a safe, and so on) in order to reach the desired goal of total security at home.


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