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  The manufacturers of safes put all their experience, knowledge and efforts in making their products are the safest. For that reason, one of the most compromised situations that can be presented to the legitimate owner of one of them is not being able to open it and lose access to its interior.

Solving problems with a safe can be a real nightmare if you do not have the necessary knowledge. If you try to investigate on your own, you can find it without further ado.

It is best to open the safe with professional help. Things will improve because we will be hiring a highly trained employee to perform the opening of the security door without damaging or taking much time in the process. However, sometimes, the problems of opening the boxes are easy to correct.

To know how to solve problems related to a safe, you must first identify the type of safe you have at home, while the newest complex is the opening mechanism. There are two common types of safes: manual and electrical. The first are simple containers with a simple but effective safety mechanism. The second ones are the most advanced and we can find them in different models that have numeric keyboards to place a combination or even fingerprint detector to make it even more difficult to open them.

Fix problems with manual safes

Manual safes are the easiest way to open them, with some help references you can get enough information about them.

  • Useless combination: in case you enter the combination that you know is correct and the safe does not open, it is possible that the rotating disc of the lock is not positioned at zero, making the combination you enter is far from being indicated. In this case, it is also possible that you have placed things badly inside the safe, causing them to generate pressure in the internal latch of the padlock, which will cause that the combination that you enter cannot open the lock. To solve this you just have to turn from left to right constantly until the internal gears.

It is also important to ensure that the lock of the safe is not activated, making any combination entered completely zero. Of all the problems that can occur with a safe, these would be the easiest to solve, in case of another unforeseen event it is best to call a more experienced professional to help.

  • How do I unlock a safe if I lost my password?
  • If you did not write the combination of your box or if you lost the paper in which you had it written down, you find yourself in a situation where you need to open the safe even if you do not have the password.
  • You’re not alone. This phenomenon happens so frequently those manufacturers make safes with an integrated method to open the boxes without the combination, and they usually give an emergency key. Once you have the box open, you can enter your values ​​again.
  • Remove the battery from the electronic combination panel. Most of these panels have a compartment on the outside of the safe that contains a secret way to open the box without the combination. Grab the combination panel and slide it out of the box.
  • Remove the batteries from the safe. Many electronic boxes contain AA or AAA batteries that power the combination panel.
  • Find the hole in the emergency key under the batteries of the safe. This is where many box manufacturers hide the emergency lock for security reasons.
  • Place the emergency key in the hole and turn the key gently until you cannot turn it any further. Pull the handle and finally … open your safe!

Problems with Electronic Safes

Digital safes are possibly the most complicated to repair. For your electrical installations, you need a high level of knowledge about circuits and wiring. For a person without the necessary knowledge, trying to repair these safety devices can be very difficult. However, there are some unforeseen issues that can be solved by anyone.

  • Do not turn on the electric keyboard: safes of this type do not have a rotating disc that registers a combination, but an electric keyboard that registers all the passwords to open the box. This works with batteries generally and it is very common to exhaust them after a long time of use.

In case this happens in this way, what you should do is change the batteries of the keyboard so that they turn on again, this you can do without opening the lock, although everything depends on the way in which the safe is made.

  • Dysfunctional lock: In case the lock does not open despite being entering a successful combination, you will need to use the security key that was granted when you bought the lock, with them you can open it without entering the password.

These are the only problems that you could solve on your own in relation to an electronic safe. The other components are very complex to manipulate and understand for a person without the necessary expertise.

It would be almost impossible to think about the possibility that an average citizen could repair the electrical panel of the safe without the need to know about systems, circuits, and electricity. Not to mention in the case that the damaged is the fingerprint reader, for all other inconveniences you should ask for professional help.

If there is another problem with your safe, it is best that you request the services of a highly trained locksmith to solve any problem you may have with a safe. You will receive personalized attention and the service will be executed with the highest possible speed, to make you uncomfortable during your visit.

You can request this type of services in a multi-solution company well positioned on the internet. There are hundreds of portals in which you can request a service of opening and repairing safes or having to move from your sofa. No matter the time or the place, they will always have a professional to serve you.

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