5 Locks That Cannot Be Picked

Lock picking is considered to be more art than science. Many experts say that even though, you need to apply some basic principles when lock picking, being a successful lock picker requires a lot of effort and time in practicing so you can develop your skills and be the best. This is especially true when we talk about lock picking in the perspective of hobby. However, there are a lot of people who use this skill to commit criminal acts. This makes us have to look for locks that are can’t be opened or are at least challenging since we are aware that most of the locks that we usually see in our daily lives are not secure at all. All of them are very easy to pick. For this reason we have found ourselves in the need of looking for locks that cannot be picked. In addition, it is important for us to know that, despite the fact that most locks are very easy to pick, there are locks that are actually very reliable in this matter. The secret to finding these kinds of locks is looking for uncommon and unique. These rare and unique locks are designed from scratch which means that no matter how much experience a lock picker has, they won’t be able to bypass their security just with a standard lock picking set. 

So, without further delay, let’s start up.

August Smart Lock

Being a smart lock makes August Smart Lock almost entirely safe from the attention of lock picking. This is due to the fact that it cannot be picked by standard lock picking tools or even a bump key. This lock can, almost exclusively, be opened by your own smartphone. There is still the possibility of using a key from outside your home to open the August Smart Lock; nevertheless, there are precautions that you can take if this worries you. In case the outside cylinder is actually picked, the August Smart Lock wouldn’t be at fault. This incredible device works on energy provided by a battery and when the power is interrupted, it just won’t open. The security of this hi-tech device is focused on regular lock pickers that don’t have extensive studies in computer science. If the is a problem with the device, it might be a decoding issue and not a physical one.

HYT Chain Key

The uniqueness of this device is that its design only permits a specific kind of key and keyway that is very different from the one that we as so accustomed to. Its name is due to the fact that its key is an actual loose chain that is meant to be inserted in the key hole. Its design allows the key to go through the key hole taking a particular path which makes very difficult for lock pickers to bypass by using the traditional ways. So, criminal are left with only a curvy slop for a key that they have no idea how it is, let along how the internal mechanism of this unknown device work. The composition of the key makes it both delicate and efficiently secure. Any potential criminal that sees it will immediately turn around and walk away.


This magnetic lock seems to be a much more complex version of the lock named MIWA. The cuts of the key and the round shapes of the compound of the key certainly make this lock very difficult to be picked. Additionally, what really makes it difficult to pick is the magnetic patter that is unique and present in every EVVA MCS key. Since lock pickers find might a challenge in these kinds of lockers, there is the possibility that in the future, ways of picking them might become very popular and everybody will be able to know how to bypass their “unpickable” security. But for the time, the only way to open it is with its own key. And without the key, the lock picker is not able to study the mechanism of the lock or the key. This is why EVVA MCS is one of the best choice against lock picking.

 Shi-He Chi-Me U-Lock

What makes this lock to be very difficult to pick is the shape of the key way and the key itself. It seems to be similar to the lock called XPUZMAG, but the U-lock has an obstructed keyway which, together with the very particular design of the key, makes it very difficult to be picked. It has multiple wholes with sharp turns that cannot be seen due to the obstruction and that makes a regular tool for lock picking useless. Having the key just won’t help the lock pickers understand it complexity. It is normally sold in China and even there it is considered to be very rare. So, for these reason it has not been successfully picked yet, meaning that it is another excellent choice for keeping your belongings and your family safe.

Medeco Maxum 11*603

Its design might not seem too extraordinary. However, it has been built to be pick resistant. The only way to have access to it is by removing its screws which would take some experienced lock pickers around 15 minutes, which is not entirely safe but is the one that has the most resistance to be picked. It also has a reinforced body making it impossible to be drilled or bumped. So, in case you are not able to find the previous models, the Madeco Maxum 11*603 makes a fair choice to avoid lock pickers. 

Finally, we can proudly tell you that these are our best options for Locks That Cannot Be Picked. However, if you have a lock that has crazy design and nobody has published it yet, it means that you will be well protected since the more rare the lock the more difficult it will be to be picked, meaning that you can rest assured knowing that both your belongins and your family will be well protected.

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