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Home Evictions


Have a Home Eviction You Need to Take Care Of? Here Is What You Need to Know:

Can I Request a locksmith during an eviction?

In Illinois, before a locksmith may be called to do work for an evicted property, proper documentation is required. Please contact your local attorney for more information in regards to proper paperwork. Evanston Locksmith may not and will not change locks on any properties whether owned or rented, if the tenant is till in possession of the property, and there is no written given permission.

Can I use Evanston Locksmith prior to a legal eviction?

Evanston Locksmith is here to assist home-owners, tenants, and renters if the required Court sanctioned documentation is presented. As for rented properties, Evanston Locksmith is able to install any needed security devices if the original rental property agreements or signed lease does not prohibit these actions. Pease not, Evanston Locksmith will not perform any work without written approval and until proper required documentation is provided.

Utilizing Evanston Locksmith for Legal Evictions:

When a property owner has proper documentation and has been given approval by Court Order, a locksmith may be called to the site as long as there is a police officer present at the scene. Please note that prior to calling a locksmith, please make sure you have been granted approval by the proper officials. Once all has been approved, we can move onto our portion of the process. Evanston Locksmith’s can explain the different options you now have when it comes to security, safety, and the latest updated security features. To go over the basics, there are options such as changing the locks completely, re-keying the locks, installation a high-security system such as a CCTV, intercom system, keypad system, security card system, or wifi-enabled security camera system. There are many different settings to each type of option, all of which your local Evanston Locksmith will be able to thoroughly explain. All other items on property may be secured as well such as storage areas, mailboxes, gates, sprinkler systems, safes, office filing cabinets, etc. We want you to be aware that evictions often create bad feelings due to the unwanted situation. Therefore, Evanston Locksmith strongly recommends installing the best security you can for the property to ensure no break-ins from any possible retaliation will occur.


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