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Car Remotes

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Need a New Car Remote? Look No Further!

Do you have a broken car key? Is your car remote not functioning correct? Was your car remote stolen or have you misplaced it? No matter the situation, Evanston Locksmith can help you obtain a completely new remote, as well as pair, re-program, or duplicate your car key and remote. 

If you have misplaced your car key and remote, or your current one is not functioning properly due to wear and tear, you may have a few questions as to what a locksmith can do for you. First, it is important to inquire with your locksmith if the your specific car is something your local Evanston locksmith is able to work with. (For specific models, please contact our automotive Evanston locksmith directly). We then, will take your remote car key and purchase a specific code from the main dealership which will give us access to create a new car key and remote for you. Please do not confuse car remotes with transponder keys. While we do perform both services, a car remote differs from a transponder key. What is a remote key? A remote key is one can lock and unlock your car with the click of a button. While a transponder key may look the same, it has a different mechanism. Those who are not familiar with the differences may not be able to determine which type of system they have. A remote key has two levels of security. The firstlevel of security is the ability to lock or unlock the car physically using the actual key blade that goes into the door. The second level of security is the ability to lock or block the car using the remote buttons. This is done through a radio frequency that is activated through the push of that lock or unlock button. Each radio frequency is specifically tailored to your unique car and it can also activate the alarm system or close and open your windows. Amazing, isn’t it? With the use of a remote key, everything is in the push of a button, and you can forget about having to do any manual work such as open and close the car windows! 

If you would like to request more information about car remotes, please call us at (847) 904 0135