There are endless reasons as to why one needs a new car key. Maybe you lost your car key? Has someone stolen your car key? Did the key break in the ignition? Is the key no longer working like it used to? No matter the issue, Evanston Locksmith is ready to assist. However, there are some things that you fist need to know about most vehicles on the market today. Whether a locksmith can make a new car key will depend upon the type of the car (make and model) that you possess. Secondly, we will need to determine what type of car key and remote you are looking to obtain. 

At Evanston Locksmith, we can generally make a full set of new keys for vehicles that are made during or prior to 1995. Older cars use standard pin-and-tumblr ignition systems, which modern locksmiths cannot work with. Like any other lock, the key pushes the tumblers into the correct place which then frees the locking mechanism. All of this is what allows the cylinder to turn.This would then automatically start the car. Vehicles that were made in or after 1995 can easily have keys duplicated or created for.

Even if you do not have the keys anymore, say that you lost them or the keys were stolen, our automotive locksmith Evanston can still create new car key for your from an existing cylinder. Our locksmith have a variety of tools to asses the tumblers, and cut a key for the vehicle through this particular procedure.