What You Can Do If Your Car Key Breaks Off in the Ignition?

In rare opportunities, the key of the car can be broken when starting the engine; this can happen due to carelessness, misuse or some uncomfortable or emergency situation in which the key is forced and it tends to break. However, a situation that we would like it to never happen to us is that the key of the car is broken while in the ignition unit. That the key is broken inside the ignition is really a problem and can be stressful for many, because that area of the car is extremely important and uncomfortable when doing some work there. In addition, it can be a risk for anyone and few people dare to solve these problems.

However, there are some ways to extract the key safely, reliably and safely. If you broke the key to your car, do not worry, then we will give some solutions that can help you solve this problem.

The first method you can use is to remove the key using a wire. You can follow these steps.

  1. You must remove everything that may obstruct or limit access to the ignition lock. You can support yourself with the help of air compressor to remove the debris that could be blocking the key fragment. With the compressed air, you will be sure to remove any dirt that may obstruct the exit of the key. Do not add any lubricant, this can damage the lock.
  2. Replace the broken key piece in the lock. This will allow you to guide yourself to reach the broken piece of the key.
  3. Use a thin, stiff wire on each end of the broken key, you can use a clip. Stretch the ends of the wire out so that they can slide along the key that is stuck in the lock. You can consider bending the ends a bit so you can better grasp the fragment of the key.
  4. Remove the broken key head from the ignition lock. Be very careful not to pull the wires when removing this piece from the key. These should be kept on the sides of the key fragment that is still inside.
  5. Try to catch the piece of the broken key with the wires. With the tips of the wire that are outside the lock try to join them so that they hold the part of the key that is stuck. You can also use the wires as chopsticks and try to grab the piece of the jammed key. It is advisable to bend the ends downwards so that the wires have a greater surface area in contact with the fragment of the key, in this way you can better grasp the fragment and extract it.
  6. Remove the key. Once you start to pull, slowly move the wire up and down to prevent the key from getting stuck again. Do it until you extract the broken fragment and you’re done, you’ll have taken out your broken key.

Another method to remove the broken key from the ignition lock is to open the lock. For this you have to follow these steps:

  1. Find a needle-nose pliers that fit into the keyhole. Insert the tips of the clamps into the hole in the key and then try to open them so that the hole begins to expand. If the key or key piece is not completely jammed, it is not necessary to do this. If not, this will allow you to extract the broken fragment faster.
  2. Grab the broken key fragment with the tweezers. You can use them or find others that fit better through the hole as deep as you can and try to grab the key with it. If the clamps are not long enough to reach the broken key, you can use wire or tweezers.
  3. Remove the key. When you have succeeded in holding the broken key fragment with the clamp, pull it out by pulling straight out until it comes out of the lock.

If none of these methods works for you, you will have to call a locksmith. However, not all locksmiths have the knowledge or techniques necessary to perform this type of work. You can find one by recommendation, using the phone book or online. In fact, there are websites specialized in locksmithing in which you can contract for specialized services.

You can look for more than one locksmith, do not settle for the first one you find. Often, these are available at any time and do not usually charge when evaluating work. Some may be able to give you a budget, but the more locksmiths you call, the greater the variety of budgets. And you should be specific in asking if they work with car locks.

After having spoken with the locksmiths, make the decision and choose the one indicated to carry out the work, record your local or business phone number and let them know that you need their services to solve the problem.

Regardless of which method you use to remove the broken key from the ignition lock of the car, once you do you must look for the extra key or buy a copy to start the car.

To avoid these situations it is advisable to spray lubricant to clean all the dirt, grease and metal residues that can cause the key to get stuck and break. Do not use glue or other similar substances. If only a little bit of glue comes into contact with the bolts or other parts of the lock, it will be ruined.

These are the most efficient techniques to extract a broken key from the ignition lock of a car if you do not use any of them contact a locksmith or a company that can give an effective and safe solution to the problem. If you do not know other methods to extract the key, do not start inventing. However, the first two methods are quite effective and safe, with patience and dedication you can remove the old broken key and restart the car with a new key.

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