The Benefits of a Deadbolt Lock

What is Deadbolt Lock?

It is known as Deadbolt Lock to the bolt that can be moved by turning a knob or key without the action of a spring. With a simple turn of the handle or key, you can open or close the lock without the need to hit it. These tend to be very resistant to any struggle and therefore provide greater security to the house.

A deadbolt lock is a cylinder that has a lock on the outside of the door and a handle on the inside. You can unlock this mechanism by turning the key from the outside or by turning the handle by hand from the inside. It can be locked or unlocked with a single key and they do not have a handle.

These locks are not activated by a spring, which means that they cannot be opened with knives, cards or any other object.

Deadbolt Locks Types

These are the main types of Deadbolt locks

Single Cylinder

This type of deadbolt lock is found on most doors. On the outside of the lock, there is a point where you can insert a key to trigger the lock. You can also operate the inner lock by turning a metal lock.

Double Cylinder

Operate the double cylinder lock with key on both sides of the door. This means that even if you are inside the house or building, you need to use a key to open the door. This security bolt is often installed on glass doors.

Keyless Entry

A keyless entry is a type of bolt that does not require a key. The way to activate the lock is by entering a code on a keyboard. You can also activate the lock with a remote control. If you prefer, you can use a manual overdrive option.


  • The bolt size should be one inch in diameter and made of steel.
  • The collar of the locks must be conical and must be freely rotatable to avoid holding it with tongs or keys.
  • The connection screw must be made of strong steel and be inside the lock. This should not be exposed in any way.
  • The connecting screws must be at least ¼ inch in diameter and must pass through a solid metal damper and not by screws.


Deadbolt Locks Advantages

Some advantages of these locks are:

High Degree of Resistance

Thanks to the materials with which they are made, these blocks are more resistant to attacks perpetrated by thieves, keep in mind that today thieves use fast and sophisticated methods and techniques to enter our properties.

Longer Lifespan

Thanks to the materials used to make this block, you will be totally sure that they will last you a long time, as you give him the care and maintenance he deserves, you have to wait until the past when you do not take care of him.

More Security

With this type of secure locks inside your house and your loved ones can rest assured, you will not feel the anguish that at any moment you can be robbed.

Difficult To Open

It will take a long time for any intruder to open a door that has a lock on it. This fastening system should be installed on the edge of the door and when the door is ajar you will only see the front plate. Choosing the right lock can be hard work because many of the notches and levers you have. The best options would be those with 5 or 6 locking levers at least, or even with a cylinder lock almost impossible to open the doors for these locking systems.

Size Difference

Insurances can have different sizes, but they are also used for different needs. A rule to follow is that every time you change an old lock it is indicated to take measures before starting to drill again.

Deadbolt locks Disadvantages

Despite being safer than others, these locks can present some drawbacks:

  • Deadbolt locks are more expensive than common locks or other impact resistant locks.
  • If the bolt lock does not have a key, any external person can enter the property by guessing your security code.
  • As the keys to the property are forgotten, you can also forget the password and not have access to it.
  • If the door frame is weak, they can be broken with a strong kick.



Deadbolt Locks Cost

These locks have different costs according to the different brands that can be found in the market. Prices can vary $ 30 to $ 80 per lock. It is recommended to buy one of an average price because the cheapest ones are usually of poor quality and do not guarantee good security.

Best Brands of Deadbolt Locks


With more than 80 years in the market as manufacturer and distributor, this is one of the best brands of locks and other products. The prices of the Schlage locks can range from $ 30 to $ 140 depending on the type and design.


Founded in 1946, this is another leading manufacturer of deadbolt locks. Your products can vary between $ 12 and $ 220.


The security locks were created because experts in the area of ​​locksmithing realized that traditional locks were no longer safe enough to be installed in the main doors, for the most skilled locksmiths in the market the most important thing is that you have locks that are really strong enough to prevent thieves from entering and can take the valuables that we have in our homes, apartments, commercial establishments and offices, although many people still use simple locks for exterior doors, which implies a great danger .

You should also know that for these security locks to work well, they must be installed by trained and professional people, since nothing will help you buy the best lock and is installed by someone without experience who, instead of giving you peace of mind, what you do I give him more headaches.

A Deadbolt lock can be one of the best options if you think about replacing the old locks of your home or office. These, in addition to giving greater security, will also give you greater comfort.

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