New Bike Lock on the Market: Interlock

Cycling has become a very popular pastime. It is not only reserved for children but now more adults are taking out their bicycles and using them for a variety of reasons. Whether you are preparing for a race or a triathlon, get the health benefits of riding a bicycle or simply traveling daily in a more environmentally friendly way, bicycles are used more than ever.

The problem with riding a bicycle is that, unlike a car, you cannot press a button on your key to close it and avoid theft. This does not mean that you should leave your mode of transport vulnerable to thieves. Choosing a bike lock can be overwhelming, but necessary for most cyclists. Protection is the highest priority for all of us when buying this product. Your decision will depend on the options that go from if you are looking for the strongest lock in the market or if you want an easy-to-transport lock. It simply means that you need to invest in a highly qualified bicycle lock to keep your investment safe.

Carrying a padlock everywhere you go with your bike can be a hassle. Having to remove and put at each moment the chain and padlock with annoying noises is really something tedious. But this is over, thanks to the new Interlock, the new padlock that can be hidden inside your bike. With this padlock you will only have to replace the chair with this new one that includes the bicycle lock permanently, you will not have to remove and put the padlock because it will always be under your seat without bothering you a bit. The Interlock is a new padlock that is incorporated into a bicycle seat which is long enough to secure the rear wheel and triangle of the bicycle in a bike carrier, pole or another object where it can be secured. Interlock uses two braided steel cables 20 inches long and 8 mm thick, covered by a thin layer of vinyl that goes through the tube of the chair to the tube of the bicycle where the seat is positioned when it is not used.

Adrian Solgaard Janzen was the designer of this chain for bicycles, and its design is quite simple. Of course, it may have certain limitations. One is that the bicycle tube must be at least 16 inches long so that the entire cable can be stored. In addition, the interference of the support bolts for the water bottle can create an obstacle for the cables. To avoid this, it is recommended to use shorter bolts or eliminate them completely. A rubber stamp was also added to protect the padlock from weather changes. Janzen has been trying to fix and optimize more and more his innovative padlock. Although with the design that has already established many people have approved and are eager to try it and put them on their bikes. Others apparently do not understand well how this works.

To explain a little how the Interlock works, it is a cable that is fixed to the bicycle chair, this chair should be replaced by your old chair and the steel cable should be placed inside the tube where the seat is placed. Once placed and adjusted, you can pull the cable from the front of the chair, hook it around a pole or bike rack and block it. You must take into account that when unlocking it you must keep the cable again until the padlock is at the top of the chair tube. These insurances are originally designed for bicycles with a tube of at least 16 inches, however, several followers have suggested that others be made smaller for bicycles of different sizes. Janzen has not completely ruled out this option, only that his main model is designed for standard bicycles, which are usually seen on the street. Interlock is a new bicycle safety system and is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and innovative.

Its design gives a new style to any bike. You should not worry about the model of your bicycle. There is no doubt that this new padlock will fit perfectly on your bike, besides not only the padlock but the entire seat system is added. The seat is also quite comfortable and anatomical. This can easily adapt to your posture and avoid discomfort and discomfort. Interlock includes its new seat and the integrated lock with the 20-inch cable. It also comes with a set of two keys. Its price goes around $ 40, a fairly affordable price. Many have found it very good price, but Janzen says that their new prototypes can reach up to $ 75. However, it is a money that is worth investing because it is about the safety of your bicycle, your means of transport or fun.

The designer of Interlock has also been incorporating new colors of the seat and the tube of the seat so that it combines with his bicycle. The colors are classic black, brown and white. At least the colors of the seat, the rest of the tube, the padlock and the cable are completely black. The cable provides reliable security thanks to its metallic steel fibers and its vinyl cover that protects it from the sun’s rain. No doubt this insurance will be useful for a long time, and also its designer ensures that it will have a guarantee of at least 10 years.

In summary, we can say that the Interlock is a new bike lock that will revolutionize the security of the same. These provide greater comfort and accessibility to cyclists when they take their bike anywhere and can secure it without losing time or warranty. Interlock the ideal lock for any cyclist, this is practical, easy to use and its price is quite affordable. After all, safety must come first, and for the safety of your bicycle, it is money that is worth investing. A decent bicycle lock can be the difference between crossing the house and pedaling. Not to mention the blow you can make to your wallet. This bike lock will give you the best performance for your money, and that’s what experienced bike thieves would use on their own trips. You will not want to throw your hard-earned money on a bicycle lock unless you know it will keep your way safe from thieves.

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