How to Unlock a Safe without a Key

How to Unlock a Safe without a Key

You are going through a very unlucky streak and things are resulting in the most uncomfortable and unsatisfactory way possible. No truly good times are occurring at all the places you move around; there problems at home, with some relatives, and – to make things worse – you are dealing with a very particular situation at your office: you have lost or broken the key that allows to check your safe and very important papers related to your business. Checking the panorama, now you can say that bad luck is after you; but we are going to give some comfort words: we are not going to solve all the problems in your life, but we have some solutions to deal with the absence of a key needed to open your safe and access to those crucial documents for your company or business.

Perhaps some of the solution we are about to offer have crossed your mind; but since you have no previous experience with a situation like this, you ruled them out immediately because you thought they were very unusual and drastic. And we are telling that you were right to think in that way, it is better to look for advice when such a situation is shown at work. And another fact that it has to be considered is that no all safes can be opened using the same methods; some are easier to open, some other are a little bit more complicated. The solution lies in the sort of safe you have chosen and the functions they performed. For instance, you cannot open a safe for residential usage at the same way you would try to open one placed in a commercial environment; furthermore, among each category, there are several features that make them differ in terms of security and protection of your personal or business belongings.

So, before you decide the sort of solution you have to choose to open your locked safe, there are several factors such as the sort of safe you possess and, also, the kind of key it used to be opened. Additionally, all of those safety characteristics that made your safe attractive from the very beginning are going to have a major influence in the method to select in order to unlock it.

Why do Safes use keys?
Depending on the safety requirements you ask, there are several situations when a safe with a key is needed. For example, some of these sorts of safes are mostly used for keeping guns in a secure and away from children and other people, and another usage given to key controlled safes is to guard jewelry and other important belongings of yours.

It is also noticeable that most safes are not always equipped with key operating mechanisms, some of them do not need a key for their locking or unlocking; there are some of them that can be secured by using a touchpad, biometric function, or by the usage of a combination dial. The control mechanism of the safe will provide you a clue of the method required to open it; and some of the one mentioned below can be used with both keyed safes and those which employs other sorts of locking mechanisms.

Now, as further information, some of the safes that are primary operated by mechanisms other than keys are provided with an additional key mechanism in case of forgetting the code or the dial combination so their opening can be achieved one way or another.

How to unlock a safe without a key?
From now on, we are going to focus exclusively on those keyed locking safes – without meaning that the opening methods offer here are exclusively for those sorts of security items.

It is quite clear why a keyed safe needs to be opened, but the ways they can be unlocked are as varied as you can guess. You have to choose which can be used in the process of the opening of the safe in order to provide the safety of the content in it. So here you have all the possible alternatives to unlock your safe at the moment of losing or misplacing the key.

Pick the Lock
There is a way to learn the basics of how to pick a lock if you decide to choose this method to open your safe. This form of unlocking your keyed safe is neither an easy one nor totally complicated. It is one of those systems that improve as practice is constantly applied.

Simply, lock picking is mostly about basic pin tumbler locks, especially for those who are beginning to work with this method. But this does not imply that pin tumbler locks are the only ones that can picked when unlocking a safe.

Opening a keyed safe with lock picking is possibly applied to different locks, it does not matter what sort of mechanism is used by them. Every single lock can be opened by picking it. But those safes with high specialty systems require different sorts of tools to be unlocked, such as special rakes or picks. When a safe lie in the high-security category, the usual methods of single pin picking is completely useless.

This unlocking method is one that requires plenty of time and skill to be performed. Nevertheless, it is practical for those safes which have a key override feature; especially since these override locks are less secure than the primary keyed system.
So, apply this method when the combination of the safe or the override key have been totally lost

Bypass Methods
You can get access to you keyed safe when some alternative bypass methods are applied to unlock it. They will sound complicated, but actually they are not. We have to warn you that this method is exclusively for your particular use in case of some troubles you can find with your own safe; it is highly advisable that these unlocking systems will not be employed to open other people’s safes (just in case that idea just cross your mind).

Safe bouncing and safe manipulation are two of the methods that fall in this category. For instance, safe bouncing is done by jostling the internal lock mechanism of the safe in order to realign them to the opening stance. As lock picking, the safe bouncing has to be given some practice to achieve it perfectly.
This methodology is almost useless when you deal with high-security safes, especially those built to stand the external forces impacts applied to them.

Search for an expert in the area
If any of your personal attempts are fruitless, and the safe resisted to any of the two unlocking systems above; it is the time to look for a safe locksmith. They have the experience and resources that will provide a prompt solution to your problem.

While you observe the locksmith performing his actions, you will notice that he will use any of the method mentioned above; but the expertise they have through years of practice and work will be reflected in an impeccable work with satisfactory results.

But if any of the methods mentioned above provides no result, the locksmith will go on drilling the lock. But be careful if they propose this as the first method to unlock your safe; the lock drilling has to be the last resort and it will be employed when all the possible options failed doing it.

If you contact a resourceful locksmith, he will offer you the possibility to make a replacement key to your safe after a thorough examination of your safe. Furthermore, the locksmith can also provide with a secure contact with the safe manufacturer and ask for a replacement key – although the safest and with the least consequences to your safe, it is the one which takes the longest road for a solution.

Remember that the methods mentioned above are for your exclusive and personal use, do not try to apply them on other people’s safes, since it is considered illegal and it will bring several consequences in the future.

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