How to Prevent a Break-In

How to Prevent a Break-In

One of the biggest issues a home owner has to deal with is the high possibility of an unlawful entrance to the property. Even though security has increased during the last 50 years, since the introduction of the deadbolt by the sixties; break-ins, although diminishing in numbers, are still at the top of numbers when referring to burglaries.

In most of cases, owners have installed sophisticated security systems in order to provide better security to their valuables as well as their family members. But, even though, break-ins can take place and, besides all the security installed, certain aspects have to be taken into consideration to avoid the possibility to be another number in the statistics.

Most of the break-ins take place during those times when nobody is at home, probably at work or at school and they are not usually done by means of a force entry; instead of that, most burglars get into the house jumping a wall or crawl inside the house as easily as having a key in their hands.

To protect your house, it is not necessary to turn it into a fort and install the best and, consequently, really expensive security system. There are some solutions that do not require a big amount of money to be implemented and here there are ten of them to provide a sense of more security around your residence.


Try not to leave things out in your yard that can be tempting to thieves. Unchained bikes, expensive tools, or any other object that can catch the attention of an undesirable guest are not supposed to leave them in the front or back yard for a long time. Furthermore, after the acquisition of a new electronic device or appliance, such as new LED Television Set, the disposal of the box at the trash can or recycle bin has to be avoided. The exposure of boxes from new or expensive objects in the garbage would indicate thieves that there are plenty of valuable things inside home, leading to a possible unlawful entrance.



Since most of the break-ins take place during working hours, a recommended action to take is try to trick them by making them believe someone is at home during the day. A light on or even the TV on with a good level of volume would deceive thieves and diminish the possibility of an illegal entrance to your house.

If you are concerned about the environment, you can change the bulbs into fluorescent ones which have a longer life and a better for the surroundings.

Additionally, placing a sign that you house is protected by a certain security system or company would fool the burglars. It would not be the most secure way to keep them away, but according to police reports burglars avoid getting into those houses which signs of this kind.



One of the weakest points of a house is sliding doors and windows, since the locks they come with are not very safe in first place. For sliding doors a good metal bar placed on a side of the door would provide an additional security feature and it will not be easy to open.

The same goes with windows, the old locks offer no security at all even when you close them firmly. They can be easily opened form outside. In this case, a stopper should be place at a certain level of the window frame that would stop the window openness at a certain level, forcing a hard work to the thief.

Air condition units should also be checked, if windows where they are placed can be forced from the outside, a stopper would be added to the frame.



This would sound as great idea in case of misplacing, forgetting or even losing the entrance key of your home. But someone would observe you retiring the key from underneath the mat or taking it out from the plant pot. Instead, give a copy of the key to a friend or neighbor of you total trust or a relative close to your house. In case of a lost or misplaced key, just call the person you trusted with the spare key to go by his or her house and pick it up.

It is advisable not to identify in anyway the keys of your home. That’s an really open invitation to a undesirable visit from an unfriendly thief.



Be certain the shrubs and trees do not offer thieves a hiding place to get access to your home. This does not imply the elimination of tall trees and shrubs, but trimming them from time to time. Branches close to windows should be eliminated with the consequence of avoiding dark shadows that can provide burglars a hiding location.

Do not allow bushes to cover the entrance of your house or help intruders to hide in them and use plant with thorns around the house for a natural way of protecting your place.



Instead of stopping crime, law enforcement can help to prevent. When going out for vacation, report your local police station your decision to getaway for a period of time and ask them to keep an eye on your property.




Besides telling the police department about your days off, neighbors of your total trust should also informed about it. Do not change by any chance the message from your answering machine and do not allow piles of letters and newspaper in your front yard. Ask a friend, a relative or a neighbor to collect them periodically and also suggest moving your car occasionally in order to create the feeling that you are still around.

Do not leave the grass grow wildly and, in those place with heavy winter, ask for the removal of snow to the person you trust.



Familiarity with people surrounding your home is a simpler way to provide the desired security you look for.

It has been proved that close neighbors maintain a watching eye to other people’s properties, whether by asking them to do so or because the neighborhood possesses a program of watching the surroundings.

This knowledge of the people living around should be increased in case of ranting a place; since 85 percent of break-in cases are related to renters since they are not totally involved or related with the neighborhood.



Although counting with your neighbors is a good assistance at keeping an eye to your place, it is also relevant that you should be alert for any possible sign of danger and the chance of a break-in. One way to perform this action is, for example, avoiding the placement of your last name and name in your mailbox, only leaving the address presented. This way you can avoid others to find further information about you or your closed ones.



As mentioned above, most of the break-ins take place during working hours, so at the moment of leaving your house assure yourself to lock every single lock, window or door. Apply all the additional security tools you have at home and, thus, you increase your sense of security.

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