Best (And Worst) Places to Leave Spare House Keys

Best (And Worst) Places to Leave Spare House Keys

If you are looking for different ideas to leave the house key, it is convenient that you bear in mind that you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money. On the other hand, and to avoid dispersion problems, storage is convenient, especially if there are several keys and several people live. An order becomes, then, an unrenounceable need.

In this article we are going to give you some different ideas so that this issue does not turn out to be any problematic case, combining some decorative and artistic styles.

Practical Ideas

In these cases, you can opt for new storage systems, adapted conventional furniture or recycle some traditional furniture to achieve a quality effect, at the same time colorful.

For this reason, we are going to propose 10 different ideas to have a place to keep the keys of your house on a daily basis.

Hang Decorative Keys

Hanging decorative keys has the advantage of being attractive and can be used to include books or other home accessories. In this case, you will have to look at the composition well and it is especially important that it be harmonious with the whole room.

Make Minimalism a Lifestyle

If you do not have more space, you can use a horizontal individual shelf as a keychain, incorporating hooks that are not out of place. In this way, you will make the most of the space. With very little, you can count on a keychain-shelf.

Recycle a Blind

You can use an old shutter and use it as a keychain, although we recommend that, before nailing the hooks, use specialized paint to give it a vintage touch that will give it distinction. From an accessory to throw, you will get something different and that will bring a good impression to your visitors.

Use a Cork Plank

Maybe it is not the most orthodox option, but if it looks good, you can use a multi-purpose cork board in which, in addition, to place your keys with a hook, you will consult the news that may interest you. An interesting option to make the effect more beautiful is to paint several colors to improve the effect.

The Pallets Can Look Good

Obviously, we are not going to use an entire pallet but, if you cut a small piece that respects a certain order, you varnish it properly and include the widths, and you can get a very interesting result. The vintage and urban touch are undoubted, especially for young people.

Recycle a Toy

Lego has given joy to millions of children (and adults), and you can combine the pieces to form a house keychain to hang them after your exits with guarantees. This system is especially recommended if you want to give this accessory a youthful and carefree touch.

Integrates Several Functionalities

Depending on the type of furniture, you do not have to limit yourself to fulfilling the key ring functions. The same piece of furniture that serves as a clothes hanger can have specific hooks for house keys, for example. This can also happen with jewelry organizers, integrating, once again, two different functions.

Mirror with Key Organizer

It can appear excessively bulky, but it is also perfectly possible to use a face mirror and frame it with a surface that allows hanging the keys of the house, being especially practical. Up to a point, you can adapt the measurements, but we recommend that you opt for a small one.

Recycle the Mailbox

Certain old mailboxes, especially those of single-family houses, can easily be converted into keychains. In this case, the process has to start by painting and giving a coat of varnish and, subsequently, we will include the appropriate hooks.

Wine Corks

This is one of the most impressive and beautiful results if things go well, but its execution and previous preparation are difficult and, therefore, we only recommend it if you feel like it. You will have to hook the composition of corks with a symmetrical shape and on a surface and, later, you will nail the hooks to introduce the keys.

Recommendations for People Who Leave the Keys in Any Place

The first option to which we must resort is to leave a copy of the keys in the house of a family member if it resides in the same town.

When this is so, we have to place a good dose of confidence and choose a friend or neighbor to ask him to keep a copy of the keys.

Even so, it may happen that we do not always have someone to deposit the keys to our house on their person, so other solutions are to leave a game in our workplace.

At our table, at the box office, if we have clothes or similar places, we may be more accessible if we have this oblivion. However, the best resource is to have a copy hidden in another place with a key.

This site is our mailbox of building letters, as long as it is a civilized building and the mailboxes are in perfect condition. This does not always have to be fulfilled.

We stick with insulating tape to the back of a table we have previously cut, a copy of our keys. We introduce this table at the bottom of the mailbox so that they remain hidden, and we cannot identify that we have introduced anything there. If we take a table of the same color as the mailbox, the result will be perfect.

Logically, we have to have a mailbox key separated from the rest of the keys. To prevent this key from being lost, we can place it in some object that we always carry with us. For example, a pendant where we can put it inside, in the wallet or in the bag.

If we ever have this mistake, we will have a spare key very close to our house, without having to resort to expensive locksmiths or family and friends at untimely hours.

Save a Copy of Your Keys

It’s better to prevent than to cure. If after all these tips for one reason or another the house keys are not or not working properly we recommend making a copy of them and keep them in specific places to which you can go immediately. You can leave them in the office, at your parents’ house, or in the car.

The correct use and care of the house keys will facilitate the day by day. Put into practice these tips that we have given you to make your life easier, in this way you will be able to avoid that daily problem with your keys. Make your day to day easier and leave the stresses for another time, returning home without any problems.

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