An Expert’s Guide to Master Lock Re-Keying

An Expert’s Guide to Master Lock Re-Keying

It is not unusual to many people to lost the keys to your house or office or broken them accidentally; or you just went through an act of vandalism or a break-in at your house. In case of having no backup key, you can find yourself in a cross road; you should ask yourself whether change of your locks or rekey your existing locks. To answer the question in this dilemma you have to check the amount of money you are able to spend in the process of rekeying all or some of the locks that are in your house. For instance, if your budget is big enough to buy locks for every single door at home or you can relay the rekeying task to a locksmith with no worries at all, then go ahead and do it; but if your money availability is very limited, then you have to rule out the trust on an expert for this job and the idea of rekeying your locks by yourself is the wisest choice of all and it is advisable to follow it. 

Now, this process can be done in two possible ways. The first one is relaying all the changes to an expert; but once again money is an issue to trust a locksmith, especially if your house is having a considerable amount of doors, so this choice has to be discarded. If the doors quantity is too high and the limited budget stops you to hire a professional locksmith; the second choice you have is to take matters in your own hands and rekey every single doorknob at home without the assistant of an expert.

In the following lines, you are going to find all the instructions you have to follow in order to perform this task by doing it yourself. If the indications below are properly followed, the process of rekeying your locks have to be a very successful one and it will be reflected in a safer place and the saving of a huge amount of money of the performance of an expert and licensed locksmith would have done the job

What Do You Need to Rekey Your Locks?

The first thing you have to do is buying a rekeying kit. You can get it at your local hardware store or specialized store in home improvement. Furthermore, these pinning kits – as they are also called – can be found online too in specialized websites

These kits mostly includes lock picks, although in some of them you can also find special tools (such as a cylinder follower, a ring remover, and a plug follower) in order to remove the lock cylinder and substitute the lock pins. 

The kits are going to vary according to the lock brand you are going to rekey; even though there is the possibility to find one of the pinning kits that can be used with most of the existing lock brands.

If there is the case that you need to rekey locks an you do not have enough pins, you can order them in your preferred hardware store where you bought them or via online. 


How to Rekey your Home Locks

Take all the tools included in your pinning kit and be ready to follow the next steps to rekey your house lock of any of the doors in your dwelling.

  1. Remove the lock face or exterior knob by using a remover. Just press with the remover, a tiny screwdriver, or a paper clip into a little hole where a clip is placed and then you can retreat the external door knob from your lock
  2. Now take the cylinder follower included in the kit and push the cylinder along the assembly as you are removing the sleeve which covers it and then you can have the cylinder at hand.
  3. Using a wrench-like ring remover (included in the kit) take the retaining ring out of the cylinder. Pit the retaining ring in a visible place, so you can use it after rekeying the lock.
  4. Now it is the turn to remove the cylinder plug by inserting the actual lock key and turn it to separate the upper and lower pins. Applying a constant pressure, push the plug follower through the cylinder to remove it. 

Note: The constant pressure is exerted to keep the upper pins in place as well as their retaining springs in the cylinder. In case that the springs and upper pins get out of their place, you can put them back in their right location by using tweezers.   

  1. Now remove the old pins. These bullet shaped pins have varied sizes to fix the shape of the key and allow the lock to be closed or opened.
  2. Now it is the turn to introduce the new key in the cylinder, by doing this the springs will be pushed out of the way and function as a partial guide to place the new lock pins.
  3. With the help of a tweezer or a small needle-nosed pliers to pick and place them in the right position. To make this task easier, most of the rekeying pins are coded by color or number matching a chart where they have to be located in the lock. These pins are going to align with the new key when it is inserted in the lock.

Note: If the pins are not numbered or colored, trial and error are recommended. Insert and remove the key constantly until all the pins are in place and the key adjust correctly.

  1. The final step in rekeying your lock is to place everything in the right position to reassemble the lock. Put the cylinder plug in its place and take the retaining ring and put it back in its original location; after that place the cylinder in the doorknob and locate it back to the door. Try the rekeyed lock to assure that it opens and closes properly with the new key.

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