Alarm Systems FAQs


So you have decided to install an alarm system in your premises, but you are wondering some information about it and how you can make a wise choice. Here we would offer you a series of some of the most questions asked about this topic. We hope they would help clarify this doubts and make out your mind.

  • Do I really need an alarm system? Even if no one ever have broken into my house?

Besides the security aspects, due to the increasing figures in criminality nowadays, being the owner of an alarm system would also provide you with good discounts at the time of insurance your home. Other benefits you can enjoy using an alarm system is that you can be inform when your kids arrive home or can control light and appliances in your home. Additionally, you can sleep safely, knowing that your place and your close ones are being protected 24 hours a day.

  • What questions should I ask to the alarm system company before installing the service?

Several questions will arise when you decide to install an alarm system in your place of living or work environment. You should inquire if the company you are trusting to protect your place and your love ones has all the necessary permits and licenses required by the state or local municipality of the place you live. Furthermore, you should ask about the liability of the company´s employees and what limits them in terms of the security provided by them. Also, you should ask for the deliverance of a contract once you decide to install the system and you should read it in detail before signing it. All questions that allow clarifying the service and the trust of the company should be made before taking the decision to hire the service.

  • What should an alarm system do for me and my family?

An alarm system should provide the necessary protection in case of a break-in or a fire taking place in your premises. With several devices located in different places or your house, apartment, or business would detect the movement inside the place you inhabit or work. The more devices you install, you would turn your place of living or working into a safer and more protected location for you, your employees, or you loved ones.

  • What is the best alarm system for my needs: a wired or a wireless one?

Depending on your budget you could choose between a wired and a wireless alarm system. Wired alarm systems are more expensive due to the connections that are to be made, while wireless are cheaper due to the technology involved in the installation of the same. But both are good investments when related to your security, your home or business and the ones you loved.

  • Can I go around my house freely when the alarm system is already installed?

You can provide your alarm system with individual settings to move freely around the premises of you house or apartment. This setting would be in usage only when you decided to arm them. Additionally, you can provide several devices inside your place to detect the breakage of a window or door, or some sensitive movement detectors that you could on when you consider necessary.

  • How does an alarm system work?

First, the anomaly is detected by the system, whether is a break-in or a fire emergency, detected by the correspondence device assigned to that function. The device sends a signal to the control panel which sends it through the wire or wireless system you have installed. Once the control panel determines the emergency, all the correspondent alarm notifications start to function and alarm sirens, lights goes on or informing the monitoring station would take place.

  • Can pets are allowed at a place where an alarm system was installed?

You can have pets in your place, even you have installed a very sophisticated alarm system, but at the moment of the setup of the system is taking place you and the technicians installing the alarm should take into consideration where to put movement detectors in case a pet is part of your family surroundings.

  • What are the benefits of a wired and wireless alarm system?

Each of them has certain benefits. For instance, if you decide to go with a wired alarm system, you have to know that they are more suitable for large places (such as factory or a really big house), also its transmission patterns are exclusive and trustable, and it has a low maintenance cost. On the other hand, the wireless alarms are very flexible, easy to install, no need of rebuilding measures or modifications around your place, and most of all they can be upgraded at any time.

  • Do alarm systems cause frequent false alarms?

False alarms should not be taken out of the equation at the moment of putting your system to work, but they are rarely taking place especially with the actual technology.

  • Is my alarm system connected to the police department or the fire department?

Due to the increasing number of false alarms, police departments and fire departments do not monitor alarm systems and they do not count with enough personnel to be in charge of this task. As a consequence, a professional Central Monitoring Center will handle the alarm generated by your system and provide you with the assistance you require at that moment.

  • What will the Central Monitoring Center do as soon as the alarm is activated?

Several steps are taken once an alarm system is on. First of all, the Central Monitoring Center will call you house or place being protected by the alarm, if this function is applicable and selected by you at the moment of installing the protective system. Once your phone is ringing, you should answer it and remain as calm as possible, meanwhile you should provide all the required information such as password, abort code, or passcode. If the information provided is incorrect or the phone is not answered, the necessary steps will be taken at the Central Monitoring Center to solve the situation.

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