3 Best Locations to Install Surveillance Cameras and Sensors in Your Home

3 Best Locations to Install Surveillance Cameras and Sensors in Your Home

People are always worried about the security of their houses, and it is understandable since a big effort was put behind the acquisition of the dwelling without mentioning all the years of sacrifice and struggle put in that particular buying. So it is a big issue for home owners to provide the right amount of protection devices to turn their homes into a safe haven.


 One of these devices that most people like to use around their houses is surveillance cameras and sensors; even though they don’t play a huge role in the protection sense a home owner is looking for. To perform as a great security system, these devices have to be part of a bigger security system and so house proprietors will feel satisfy with the protection coverage that will benefit their houses and provide the tranquility you want for your own person and family.

The placement of these devices is essential in the way they increase the safety sense around houses and it has been a large discussion among security advisors where to place them. And here some of the conclusions taken out of these long arguments are presented to provide a good sense of security in your place. 


How Security Camera and Sensors complement your Security System

Before getting a security camera or a motion sensor, for example, you have to know exactly how these devices work and how they are just a simple element of a bigger security system. Take into consideration that cameras a just an observation tool and they are the passive part of the security system. Observation is the only factor they cover in the security area of your property, and even if they are provided with sensors that allow them to move, they have a restricted area to cover.

This function is also attached to sensors as well. They are also passive in the security system and they are also in the monitoring area of a possible robbery or break in, instead of part of preventing one of these situations.

But it doesn’t mean that they are not good elements in providing a sense of security at home, especially if they are placed in the right spots. 

How the Placement of cameras and sensors is important

Now that is clear that cameras and sensors are part of an integral security system, before mentioning the right place to put them, let’s clarify why placement is so important  for these devices.

  • These devices placements help you to maximize the effectiveness of the security you want to achieve at home, providing you with a good observation of situations in and out your house. If you put cameras too high, you are not going to be able to see what is happening in that particular place, and if they are too low there is the chance to lose any unusual movement around the house. Also the range of the camera focus has to be in the right position, otherwise, the images are going to be blurry and they will be useless after all.
  • These devices have to be placed in a position that makes them visible to you, but hidden to criminals. These cameras have to provide you the right amount of surveillance of your property without being notice by those unpleasant and undesired visitors. Similarly to sensor, they have to be put in places that you are aware of them, but undetectable to thieves or other sort of criminals

Once you have placed them in the right spots – information you can find below, you have to keep in mind that cameras need enough room in order to get a clear image in terms of illumination and range of scope, and that sensors requires ample space to detect any unusual movement in the house 

What are the best spots to place to place surveillance cameras and sensors

  • The Surroundings and Main Access of your home.

The front gate or fence of your place is the first spot to put cameras or sensors, followed by the front yard. Cameras have to be placed there since they are the main access to your home and you will be aware who is coming to your house and it is a friend, relative or a total stranger. In most cases, the monitoring on these locations is covered by both cameras and sensors but remember that there has to be a bigger security system which cameras and sensors are connected with. Be sure that these devices are designed to resist the harsh weather conditions of your neighborhood.     

  • Garages and Driveways

Other parts of the house that are considered as secondary perimeter area are driveways and garages. They are not part of the house per se, but they are not in the outside area of your home. These places are used by thieves as hideaways from your sight since they are not in a direct view of your external windows. Sensors and cameras have to be located them if you are going to use them as well as integrate them with the main security system you have in the house.

  • Auxiliary Access Spots

Since they are spaces that permit the entrance to your home and they are located in places that are not completely watch by you or your family members; installing surveillance cameras on those locations is one of the greatest idea you will have, since thieves think that those places are totally uncared by home proprietors. Furthermore, the placement of sensors here is also a good action to put into effect, since it is not expected by criminals the security at these sites.

Keep in mind that these devices do not have to be used as security providers since they are not real protective devices; they are good to keep an eye on any particular situation around and inside your house, but there are useless if there is not a bigger security system attached to the cameras and sensor and in constant contact with you security company or local police station. 

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