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Evanston Home Security

The house security is not only in the hands of the forces and security bodies of the state and the approved security companies, but security is also everyone’s responsibility. Through training, information and prevention, we can all contribute to reducing the statistics of theft in housing. With this objective, we present a series of tips …

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What is the “Next Door” APP and Can it Really Prevent Crime?

There are many social networks available to the public in todays’ modern world. The problem is that you have the ability to ‘connect’ with people from any part of the world, and forget those you have close by. As for example the neighbors. In most large cities do not know, and that is something that …

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Cold Weather Lock Tips

In areas where the temperature drops a lot, there are usually some situations that can be uncomfortable or tedious. One of them is the effect that cold weather has on the locks of the doors. This is one of the main reasons why many of the homeowners look for locksmith services a lot during the …

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